Sunday, December 27, 2009

Update On Travis

I'm leaving tomorrow to visit my parents in Seattle at a pretty bad time. Not only did I have a MAJOR plumbing leak this morning in the basement, my Little Travis isn't doing very well. The vet is fairly certain he will lose his other eye in addition to the one already lost.

He's still in emergency at the rate of $500.00 per day. Poor little guy needs medication every 2 hours and I have no clue how the rescue will pay for all this. I've been paying for his care - $1100.00 worth now. But I'm sure the bill will be that again tomorrow.

The staff there loves him. Every time I call and ask about Travis, even the receptionist sounds excited. I've spoken with four veterinarians and they all seem smitten with the little guy. They all feel sorry for him and ALL have said that they have never seen such a nasty viral infection like this one. Duh.

Because I'm leaving tomorrow, I have to pick up Travis from emergency and take him to one of the rescue veterinarians. When the office closes at 7 pm, he won't have any care until they reopen at 9 am the next day. I hate that. I really do.

I guess the biggest dilemma is what will happen when he's in post-recovery mode. He'll no doubt be totally blind and my house is too big for him to muddle around. The litterboxes are in the basement and the food dishes are up high on a table so the dog doesn't eat their food. I can't see him staying here to recover or for me to continue fostering him.

This makes me feel like shit crap. I really love this little man and I like seeing my foster cats through to adoption. I hope somebody with a smaller apartment steps forward to help Travis.

I don't want to leave tomorrow. Glad my parents have free long distance. I'm going to be calling about him - a lot!


Anonymous said...

He sure sounds like an awesome little guy, and the care he's been getting is great. I hope he can get everything he needs at the rescue vets while you're away. I'm sure he will. You do such amazing work with these little fuzzbutts.

Debbie said...

He is a touch little guy.
I know there is someone out there with a big heart that will come forward.
He is a fighter and that is what will get him through this.
Fostering is one of the hardest things to do, but we do it out of love for these beautiful creatures that someone else walked away from
You've done a great job Beth!!
Have a nice time with your parents.

gale said...

I know your home might be big but never ever underestimate the amazingness of a blind kitty. I rescues ( with help of Blind Cat Rescue in NC) an 16-18 yo blind siamese who was owner surrnedered to a kill shelter. She was flea ridden, dehydrated and had the nastiest teeth I have ever seen. She was cruzing around my 3 story house in days and even has my husband ( a non cat person) thinking she is amazing. She has has a dental and gained 2 # to a whoppong 5.5#. I hope your guy finds a great forever home but til then, he can do it- just have faith and help him along. amanda DVM

gale said...

Do not give up on him- never doubt the powers of a blind cat!!!
the 18 siamese I recued from a kill shelter was 3#, flea ridden, nails grown into her pads... in just days she was cruising around my 3 story house. Have faith and just be there to guid him a bit.
amanda dvm

House of the Discarded said...

Hi Amanda: Thank you so much for your input and inspiration! I'm thrilled to know that there's a "Blind Cat Rescue" in NC! I'm going to check them out. Thank you again for writing -


jmuhj said...

THANK YOU to everyone who puts their love and caring for cats into action in any way. You are HEROES and we love you and the cats.