Thursday, December 17, 2009


(*cupping my hand to my ear*) Do I hear the Hallelujah chorus? My day was amazing:

I wasn't looking forward to today's rescue. I knew leaving with only one cat when the shelter was full would hurt. A lot. I started by bending over to the bottom cage to see a very cute black and white guy who was eating his breakfast and not too interested in me. I glanced behind me to see the fluffy Maine Coon declawed girl and she was asleep. I shrugged. Maybe it was meant to be. If she wasn't interested, I'd keep looking.

Then I felt a *soft touch* on my jacket. It was the little fluffy declawed female named "Promise". She was standing up with her foot out of the cage and one paw on my jacket. She was kneading with her other foot and purring. She *chirped*. I took her out of the cage and she rubbed, she purred, she kneaded, she chirped, she licked my face.

I quickly put her in the crate and walked out of the cat area...but not before I saw "Duncan":Duncan is a 12 week old ball of fluff. I could feel my knees buckle in weakness as he too licked my face and nuzzled under my neck. I called my friend Susan who LOVES the fluffy guys and she was happy to take him. I started to cry when Susan said she'd take him. I was going to rescue TWO cats today afterall! Oddly enough, she had been looking at his picture and thinking about rescuing him. Coincidence? I think NOT.

I arrived home with "Promise" and put her in my son's room for the afternoon until I could meet up with her foster Mom. "Promise" lived up to her name....she was full of sweetness and crawled into my arms and held on for life:

What a sweet little girl. I hope her foster family will enjoy her. I loved her.
If you ever questioned the validity of Christmas miracles, question no more. After today, you'll believe:

I woman contacted me through my blog. Not just any woman, but a lovely, gentle, kind woman who wants to give Irma and Myer a forever home!!! She sounded amazing. Both cats are marked for euthanasia tomorrow morning, so I'm going to the shelter early to rescue them and meeting up with the woman shortly after. Her last cat lived to be 26 years old. Imagine that!?!!

Your kind supportive emails really got me through a tough 24 hours. Thanks to you, I'm overwhelmed with joy tonight.


Ecochica said...

Oh Beth I have been thinking of you all day and checked your blog about three times before you posted! My heart is filled with happiness and I am so glad these angels are going to have a home for Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

A Christmas Miracle! I'm sure I'm not the only one who said a prayer for Irma and Myer last night :)

canuckpet said...

That is great news about the older guys, it sounds like they will enjoy every last day with their new owner.

How sad that they ended up there in the first place though

Smartypants said...

I've been checking all day for an update too Beth! I'm overjoyed to hear about Promise (I had noticed how beautiful she was on Kim's site). Also Duncan had caught my eye as a reaaal cutie pie. And, well... the Irma and Meyer news just may have caused a little cat hair in my eye...

Crystal said...

Sounds like a wonderfully amazing
happy day in rescue for you, the four beautiful little souls you saved and for all of us that follow your adventures...thank so much for the smile:)

Anonymous said...

People who adopt rescue cats are special people, but that lady that is taking the 2 senior cats is a very special person!!

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: I agree!!! I can hardly wait to meet her!

Patricia said...

I was dreading checking your blog today, but now am so happy I did. Thank you for saving these four lives and giving them hope at Christmas time - I'm so happy for you that this chapter has a happy ending!! My cheque is in the mail today, hopefully it will help a bit in your efforts. Have a very Merry Christmas and looking forward to meeting you in the New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the awesome lady adopting the two senior cats will provide you with an update and a picture or two... I would love to see how they are after they have settled in. I am happy your weekend is off to a good start!

Anonymous said...

I'm still pulling for Chance.

Any word on how he is?