Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Another Day at the Shelter

Tomorrow, it will be one week since I've hurt my back. It's slowly getting better - I was able to get out of bed by myself, but I still can't tie my own shoes.

I feel like it's incredibly selfish of me to be "down" while there are cats sitting in cages waiting to die. I kept thinking about it last night while I laid on ice. So much to do - my daughter arrives in a week, and I need to make Christmas happen.

How can I do it all? I probably can't, so I rescued some cats today anyway. :)

Rescue #1:

This is Tinkerbelle. She had been at the shelter since November 8th. I was really worried about her being there another day. She's at my house in FULL party mode. Holy smokes - all I hear is hissing from the other cats, and her galloping around. I tried to quarantine her in my son's room, but she busted out quickly and wanted to be part of the family right away. She's only about 16 weeks :)

Rescue #2

"Rowan" was brought into the shelter because he had been hit by a car. He's only about 14-16 weeks old and sure doesn't look like he had been hit by a car! He's a snuggly, mellow little guy. He's in my son's room for a few more hours before I meet his foster family in a parking lot later tonight. Tinkerbelle immediately body slammed him, so I knew he might not be a good fit in "Turner's Party House for Cats." He's really a lover - not a fighter.

Rescue #3

"Boots" is another sweetie. He looks rather menacing in his picture, but he hung on for dear life when I pulled him out of his cage. He was already neutered and declawed. I don't know what on earth has happened to him, but he is COVERED in fleas and burrs. His coat is so matted, I don't know how he could walk. He's at the vets tonight getting shaved. I bet he'll feel like a million bucks when he's done.

As I'm typing, an email came in from an awesome foster Mom who is also fostering Merlin and Miller:

"Dear Beth: If Talon is still available, we will take her. We can pick her up tomorrow (Thurs.) morning if you can ask them to have her ready. My husband doesn't think Merlin and Miller will be with us long."

YES!!!!!!!!!! I love "surprise rescues"! I'm so happy that Talon is going to such a great foster home. Thank you Dori for going to get her tomorrow!

While I was at the vets today, I spent some time with my buddy "Humble". Humble weighed in at the vets at 17 lbs. He's a BIG tom cat and a mooshy lovebug. The staff at the vets love him. He's waiting for his foster family to come back from holidays, then he can go into their home. :)

It was very hard for me to leave Beanie. I wish somebody would come forward and help him. He's such a NICE, NICE boy! Kim asked me today, "Anybody come forward for Beanie?" His situation is getting really urgent.

*sigh* One day at a cat at a time....

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Caroline said...

Hey Beth,

Didn't you want another foster kitty to replace Bucky? Beanie could take Bucky's spot...
Beanie, Bucky and Beth!