Thursday, May 28, 2009

Off the Clock For 24 Hours

I'm pleased to announce that I'm taking the day off tomorrow from going to the shelter. David gave me a spa gift certificate last year and I haven't had time to make an appointment. Truth be known - my legs were never shaved at the same time I had some free time, so I never booked an appointment.

I wanted to update you on my last post Just Another Miscellaneous Vent.

As I was leaving for the shelter this morning, I checked email "one last time" to discover an email from another foster Mom offering to take my fat-baby-girl "Waffles"! Waffles is the butterball girl that was too fat to be in a regular shelter cage, so they had her in a dog run. I was grinning from ear to ear as I drove out there. :)

This is Waffles when she first arrived at the shelter! You can see why they put her in a dog run - she sure filled up that cage! I love this "little" girl!

I was very anxious to see the two cats that had been surrendered by the family of a young woman who was on life support at the hospital. I had been worried that they must've been traumatized and I was anxious to give them a little "Beth-Love-Time" :)

I walked up and down the shelter cages and couldn't find them. I asked the shelter staff and nobody seemed to know what I was talking about. I started thinking about the situation: I had approached them in the parking lot as I was leaving and they were coming in. I wonder if they changed their minds about surrendering their daughter's beloved cats? Wouldn't it be awesome if I had some kind of hand in helping them keep the cats? I'm going to go to bed tonight thinking good thoughts about that family.

Here are some pictures of 4 of the 7 cats I rescued today. It's so nice to think of them in their foster homes tonight getting loved and kissed and spoiled:

Mugsie! I could hear her purring in the carrier from the backseat of my car!

"Ariel" Her cage card said she was "depressed" and "Not eating".

"Nisha!" Such a delicate little flower :)

"Roosevelt!" I know you guys hate it when I say this, but Roosevelt is just a little bit homely, don't ya think? His foster Mom called me this morning and asked me to save him. She thought he was VERY handsome!

Tomorrow is my day to do some normal family things. My son has his senior prom tomorrow night. Hard to believe my 18 year old "baby" is going to the Prom and this is *MY* last prom with my kids. I'm feeling very sentimental about all this -

I'm figuring with Waffles being rescued AND my sons' Prom, I'll be due for a good happy cry. :)

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RHz said...

Beth, you are completely right. Waffles is AWESOME, and her name most certainly fits. Just look at that face and big "fluffy" body! I want!!! Lol.

And, I am glad to hear you're taking a day for yourself. You deserve it, and I'm sure your need it. Rescuing does takes it toll on ya, and we need to recharge, too.