Friday, May 15, 2009

The Letter "X"

I didn't do a rescue yesterday, but had another hard working volunteer help me. Bless her heart - she left work early in order to make the long-ass drive to the shelter. It wasn't an easy drive for her. What she didn't know was that it was late Thursday and I knew that the cages of the cats would be marked for euthanasia this morning. The staff at the shelter distinguishes which cats are supposed to be killed that morning by marking their cage card with a letter "X". That way the vet doesn't accidently kill a cat that was supposed to live.

Her email to me this morning said it all:

"Beth, It was awfully hard at the shelter yesterday. On those Saturdays when I went to the shelter no cages were marked.(for euthanasia) I realized on the drive up that because the next day was a Euthanasia Day, and it being around 5 o'clock, that I might see marked cages. I was right, and it was heart wrenching. Horrible. I was fighting back tears leaving. Sweet cats marked to die. One boy is haunting me today, he was a grey tabby fellow, friendly and healthy and he stood up against the cage door to try to get me to help him. It was just so, so sad, Beth. And others...I have their little faces in my mind today. Last night I couldn't help but hold all my own cats, especially my (cat), a little tighter as they slept."

I didn't have permission to post her email. But if I know her, she won't mind. This is an important email to those who think "it doesn't really happen".

It does happen. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All around the world. Once loved pets die because they were merely unwanted....discarded.

Own up to your commitments -
**Why did you move into an apartment that doesn't allow cats...IF YOU HAVE A CAT?

**If your boyfriend is allergic: Why the hell did you start dating him in the first place?

I'm sitting here typing this list and getting too angry to go on. I keep posting this shit on this blog, and pray that somebody out there sees it and says, "Gee, I don't want to be the stupid-dumb-ass she's talking about. I'm going to spay my cat, take her to the vets when she gets sick, and I'm going to make GOOD decisions for the both of us."

I just pray you're out there.


Anonymous said...

I keep a stack of all the cage cards with that X on them. I have them, because they came home with me and the X never came to be :) Hold tight to your X'd cards and your collars, they are our victories!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I know better, but I spread the word as much as possible. I constantly refer back to the experiences that you share with us as points of proof that people aren't aware of, because I know they are fact. I always argue that if people like you are able to donate so much time and money and life to saving hundreds+ of cats...why can't people spend a couple dollars at a vet to get the animal THEY CHOSE fixed or cared for? Nobody can argue that argument, thank you for giving us a cause to all go out and fight for.

whitesocks said...

Thanks for yet another great post. It drives me nuts when people with pets move into apartments/date folks with allergies...and then stiff the pet.