Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Sign

The weirdest thing happened yesterday. After I wrote my rather discouraging post, "6 Steps Forward....30 Steps back", I went to the shelter to do a rescue. I had a large list of cats to rescue which is always exciting for me. I really didn't know how many - I knew I was rescuing some Moms and babies, plus some car would no doubt be full.

As Kim and I were loading cats, she started to count the cage cards.

"Beth, you've rescued 30 cats today!"

I felt the goosebumps raise on my arms and the hair stand on the back of my neck. I was overwhelmed with that number. Thirty. Not Thirty-One. Not Twenty-Nine. But Thirty!

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I don't believe in coincidences. What were the chances that I would rescue 30 cats the day after I felt so discouraged to write "...30 steps back"? I really do believe that there's a God that continues to encourage my work in rescue. Whenever I feel discouraged I end up with "knock-you-over" sort of sign. Usually, it's a sign that's so damn obvious, even a airhead like me can see it.

I'm going back to the shelter tomorrow to do a small rescue. I think 5 are on my list for the day. We have a realtor showing tomorrow afternoon, so I'm grateful that after the rescue, my son is going to drive the cats to their foster homes for me. It's only going to cost me a tank of gas...a small price to pay, so that I can go home and pretend like I have NO animals for a bunch of people that I don't know who MIGHT buy my house.

Here are the pictures of the sad-faced little sweeties who are spending their last night in a shelter cage tonight. Tomorrow - they'll be kissed and loved by their foster families:




Bo, Luke and Daisy were abandoned at the shelter by the same family. The idiots were moving and they couldn't take their "beloved" cats. These three have been sitting in a dog run huddled together. Kim didn't want to separate them. All they had were each other. *sigh*



I may not be rescuing 30 cats tomorrow. But I'm changing the lives of the 5 that I am saving.

6 cats rescued on Tuesday. 30 cats rescued on Wednesday and 5 cats rescued tomorrow. I wish every week could look like this.

Sleep well kids! I'm coming to get you tomorrow!


Ashley W. said...

That's incredible!!!! It's absolutely amazing that you've rescued 41 cats in total for just ONE week!

Normally when I look at the pictures that you've posted, it's heartbreaking to know that many of them are still sitting there waiting for that forever family to come along; but tonight it was nice to know that those kitties can look forward to hugs and cuddles tomorrow. :)

P.s. Brett is one stunning looking boy..!

Anonymous said...

Simply Wonderful! This brought lightness to my heart when I needed it most. You are doing exceptional work - Thank you and
God Bless. You are doing exactly what you are suppose to be...and obviously love it.

Anonymous said...

You're an angel to every single one of those 30. SO AMAZING!! And I'm really really glad to see you post the names and photos of the ones you're saving. I sometimes get attached to a few whose photos move my heart, so to see them here and know you've saved them (like Bo, Luke & Daisy!) just makes my day. Keep posting!!

- Beth Hamill

RHz said...

Yay! I love stories like this.
Poor Bo looks so sad... his picture tugged at my heart.
Glad you were able to save so many!