Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I've been a busy bee for the past two days. I'm not sure where I'm getting the energy to write this post, but I think I have some adrenaline and a large triple-cream Tim Horton's coffee working in my favour, so decided to write. Besides, if I sit down in front of the t.v., I'll feel guilty that there's breakfast dishes in the sink and David announced that he's out of clean underwear this morning.

The total rescues for Monday and today have been TWENTY-FIVE little lives saved thanks to quite a few people who have stepped forward to foster them and advertise for their plight. Along with that number, are two Mom cats with their babies. :)

I have two kittens in my washroom, and a HUGE orange guy in my den that are waiting for their foster parents to pick them up tonight and tomorrow. I met a foster Mom at the shelter today who happily took her big fluffy guy named "Tamson" home.

I also met an adopter today who took home a senior cat named "Randall". I'm praying the adopter never reads this blog, because I must tell you that I worked SO HARD to get her to take him. Randall was the perfect cat for her, because she already had two 11 year old cats at home. The last thing she needed (or her cats) was a kitten pouncing all over them. Randall was a DARLING. He was very healthy and had eyes that melted my heart. My heart sunk when she said, "I'll have to think about this...and talk with my husband" and left the shelter. I was sure I had pressed her too hard. I try so hard not to do that.

Within 2 minutes, she came back and took Randall home. :) Hurray!!!!

Randall looking very cute with his white mustache!

The number "25" seems like a big number to me, but since that number includes the Moms and babies, we didn't empty 25 cages. The vet comes tomorrow to euthanize some of the remaining cats anyway.

I really need a day off tomorrow from the driving. I've spent $100.00 on gasoline over the past 2 days and I'd LOVE to get my nails done. But there's a little pregnant Mom that has a place to go and I don't want her to stay there any longer:

Of course, Ariella has to be driven an hour to her placement. Look how cute she is! She's getting bigger by the day, and I'm afraid she's going to give birth in that damn place.

I guess my nails can wait another day. *sigh*

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RHz said...

Yeah, I kinda gave up on my nails a long time ago, too. There's just never enough time in one day when you're busy rescuing. It's also a good thing my husband loves me. Do you know how many times he's been out of clean clothes or I forgot to run an errand he needed me to so I could do something animal-related? Lol.