Wednesday, May 20, 2009

6 Steps Forward.....30 Steps Back

It's getting harder and harder to go into the shelter and be cheerful. I rescued 6 cats yesterday and am going back again today - this time for quite a few kittens and Mom cats. It should be a good rescue day.

While I was at the shelter yesterday, the staff was preparing for a man that was bringing in TWENTY cats. I saw these guys bringing in 5 at a time as I drove into the parking lot. As usual, I couldn't keep my big mouth shut and asked them what was going on. They didn't have a definitive answer for their predictament, but it was obvious that whatever was going on in their lives things were far worse than having 20 cats. The men looked terrible and they ALL smelled bad. Of course, none of the cats had been spayed or neutered.

Sure, I'm pissed about this. But I have to be grateful that they had the courage to bring them into the shelter instead of dumping them by the side of the road like so many people do.

Soooo....I took six cats out yesterday and more than 30+ cats came in.

It was a good day to play "Stork". I delivered a big girl named "Ginger" to a very sweet hispanic man. I note that he's hispanic, because it's unusual for a 50+ year old macho hispanic guy to admit that he likes cats. He had never had a cat before and wanted to help Ginger. I called Julio last night and he said that "Ginger is rubbing on his legs". I could hear him smiling through the phone.

I brought home another foster cat for myself. (Pictures on the way- noooo he's not a tabby!) His name is "Gary" and he's 5 months old and of course - ridiculously cute. It's been "party central" at my house and Gary has been having a ball galloping around.

I'm going to remind myself to stay positive today. It's a gorgeous day and there are some cats that need me.

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