Monday, May 25, 2009

What About Lilly?

Little Lilly has been taken off the euthanasia list TWO times because I thought I had a foster home for her. She's only about 16 weeks old and we keep posting an urgent plea for her on Craigslist.

There's something about a cat coming into the shelter with a collar on that really gets to me. Of course, she came in as a "stray", but nobody claimed her. Lilly came into the shelter as a happy-go-lucky kitten and she didn't know she was being tossed out with the garbage.

I was so excited to be meeting a foster home at the shelter today who wanted to rescue Lilly. My heart sunk when I arrived early to find that Lilly had a shelter cold (Upper respiratory Infection). It's nothing deadly, but the foster Mom would have to be prepared to give her meds. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be. The foster Mom chose two other cats to foster.

Lilly is still at the shelter. She's still alive, but I don't know how much longer.

I rescued 6 cats today, but hated like hell to leave Lilly. I'm going back to the shelter tomorrow to rescue a few more cats, but Lilly is still not on my rescue list tomorrow.

So I'm asking you...and anybody that will listen: "What About Lilly?"


ctinz said...

Oh wow, if this had been in a few months from now, and one (or both) or the boys had been adopted, I would take her in an instant. AN INSTANT, I TELL YOU. Seriously hope that someone will help her =(

Anonymous said...

When I rescued Molle, she had a cold as well. It was nothing serious and very easy to give her meds (which cost next to nothing). The pills were administered in soft food and after she was done, she was wonderful. She is the most loving cat I have seen and I would do it all again if asked.

NEVER let a little cold stop you from saving a cat.

RHz said...

If I was near you, I'd take Lilly. Upper respiratory may be a pain to deal with, but people wouldn't choose not to care for their kids if they were sick, right?

I really hope someone can save her.

At least you were able to save the others right now.

Anonymous said...

The medication for URIs is NOT expensive!!!! Its a needle the vet administers ONCE. I went to the shelter and got my cat, who had a BAD URI. it scared me at first, but once I took her to the vet he just gave her a quick needle and said she would be fine in a week and she was. Its a COLD, that's it!!! It was under $100 to get my shelter cat antibiotics and dewormed and checked, and pet stores charge hundreds for the cat alone!!! I wish people knew this! Lilly is in my prayer and thoughts, she looks adorable.

Trixie said...

My cat was at the shelter with a collar on as well, and had an upper respiratory infection when I picked her up. A week afterward she was prettier than all the cats on the block and I still get compliments from guests. Nobody can believe she was at a shelter on death row because nobody wanted her.