Sunday, May 10, 2009

Against All Instincts

I spent the day before Mother's Day co-signing for a car loan for my older son Patrick. I considered it a privilege to help him at this very important stage of his life. It was fun to have a captive audience as I lectured him on the responsibility of good credit, etc. before my husband and I signed.

As mothers, it's also our job to keep our children safe.

"Don't touch that..."

"Careful, it's hot!"...

"Don't talk to strangers..."

I can't imagine what it's like for the Moms who deliver their kittens on death row at the shelter. It must go against all instinct because she knows her babies aren't safe. It's the instinct of a Mom cat to move her kittens to a safe place. It must be terribly frustrating and frightening to be forced to remain in the same place.

I'm posting a few pictures of some Moms and babies currently at the shelter. It's VERY hard for me to go into the shelter and see these sweet Moms with their babies. Her eyes seem to always plead with me to help her and her children. As a Mom, it tears at my heart.

This Mom delivered her kittens at the shelter last week. I don't know how much longer they have to live.

Sometimes Mom cats at the shelter can only deliver their kittens on a sheet of newspaper. This Mom was lucky that someone was attentive to her.

These kittens are grey, but Mom is black - she may not make it through the next euthanasia day at the shelter.

Fostering a Mom and kittens isn't for everybody. I've only done it a few times myself, because it's a big job and I've always had so much on my plate. I *do know* that the look of gratitude when I rescue a Mom with her babies. There's never any hesitatation from the Mom to get into the cat carrier and leave the shelter. If you put her babies into the carrier first, she'll instinctively follow them.

The Moms know.

But isn't that the way with all Moms?


Anonymous said...

I'm completely clued out but I must ask for anyone reading....... is there significance to black cats and euthanasia?

All of those families of cats are awful to be caring for little ones in such an unhealthy and vulnerable place.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth. Thanks for pointing out the moms and their litters at the shelter. I have been fostering pregnant cats and young families for several years and find it so gratifying. I wish people understood that compared to a small metal cage, any little room in your house seems like a palace. Even the rarely used two-piece bathroom can be tranformed into a safe haven for a little family. Some people even use a dog-sized crate in their basement. ANYWHERE in your home that would keep them safe is better than being at the shelter!

Renee said...

Anyone on the fence, fostering a mom and babies is wonderful. Watching these adorable, trusting little kittens grow, and their mama teaching them about life, and you doing your part to teach them that people will be good to them... it's a privilege. I'm on my third foster litter, and I am thrilled I can do a tiny bit to help a few helpless critters overcome the crap that some lazy and irresponsible humans have thrown at them.

They don't need much room. A spare room? A bathroom? If you can find a spot where they can grow and play, and you can give them a little time and love, it's big enough.