Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Different Kind of Tired

I wasn't overly enthusiastic about going back to the shelter today. I was tired and behind on so many things at the house. But I knew that the little pregnant calico "Ariella" had a place to go and I also had a placement for "Redd", so I figured getting two cats out today was certainly worth any effort.

My heart dropped when I saw Ariella in her cage this morning. Her cage card read: "May 13th, Aborted 5 kittens", and Ariella was crouched in a ball in the tiniest corner of her cage. She had dried blood soaked onto her backend and tail. She had lost her kittens. Ariella was far enough along that she knew that she had been pregnant. I can't imagine how she must've felt to have seen her dead kittens. It no doubt happened in the middle of the night at the shelter and she was alone. I couldn't help but think morbid thoughts - did she frantically lick them and try to bring them to life?

I know the foster Mom wanted a pregnant Mom to foster. But I certainly wasn't going to leave Ariella to grieve alone in the shelter. I packed her up in a cat carrier with a nice fluffy towel. My eyes welled with tears. I'm not sure if it was because I'm a Mom and I was projecting... Regardless, I was devastated with sadness for her.

The stress at the shelter must be overwhelming. I'd like to think Ariella lost the kittens because there was a genetic defect in the kittens and it was something natural. Somehow I doubt it. When I got to the vets with her, the vet said she had lost quite a bit of blood. He gave her fluids and she's now resting with a loving foster parent. In another few days, this will be a distant memory for Ariella. I'm so grateful.

On a happy note, I rescued a cute tabby guy named "Redd". (No, he isn't an orange tabby!) I called the new foster parents tonight to check on things and heard nothing but giggling. They absolutely loved him. "Beth, you were right - he's SOOOO cute!! He hugs me! I can't imagine him being in a cage..." She was giddly with excitement. After the sadness today, it was nice to hear the excitement in her voice. In the background, I heard Redd give a little "chirp" sound, and his foster Mom coo'd: "OMG! That was the cutest thing I've EVER heard!!!"

It felt good to smile. :)

I had to stop at the grocery store on the way home. I can tell when it's been a busy day when I go to the store and look at the deli section at the ready made crap - roasted chicken, salads, etc. I managed to cook a decent dinner for the family, put in a load of laundry and put some lipstick on before David came home. At 6 pm when he walked through the door, he probably didn't even know I had been gone all day.

I'll go to bed tonight and dream of the perfect home for Ariella. Nothing less will do.



Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about that Beth, but as you say, we have to hope it is nature's way of preventing further suffering. Thank you for caring. -Ken (someone who knows all too well what holds they have on our hearts and how it feels to lose them)

Ashley W. said...

Congrats for rescuing 25 kitties on Tuesday.. but I was saddened to read about Ariella :(

At least she is out of that shelter, and is in the comfort of a caring foster home. Far away from that cold shelter cage.

Anonymous said...

Good for you getting Ariella out. Even though her kittens didn't make it you brightened her day. My foster cat Valerie is still being a very good mom to her babies, I am looking forward to their eyes opening in a few days!
Keep up the great work! Caroline

Anonymous said...

I am so THRILLED that Redd got out. His picture has been haunting me for a very long time. I really wanted him - and like most of us I have too many to even say, because like most of you I also rescue. I know there will always be more that I want - but know it has to stop for me somewhere!
I saw his urgent plea on craigslist and was very scared for him, then when I checked petfinder and didn't see him I was SO scared...I thought about him all yesterday - only to recieve this wonderful news this morning!!!! I am so thrilled that he is giving his fosters many hugs of thanks.

Poor Ariella, as I just had a baby I too feel for her. She has had a very traumatic time at the shelter but just remember she is out of that negative terrifying place only to have a fresh start to life. She will know this very soon.
Please Beth don't ever give up or get discouraged, your messages are what give me hope that people are starting to change...the fact that you are rescuing so many mean that people see there is a problem and are willing to help. Your blog and what you do is very inspiring in many more ways than I am sure you will ever realize.

RHz said...

So sorry you had to experience that and that Ariella had to, too. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, no matter how much it sucks, and just maybe it really was Mother Nature's way of taking care of it.


Anonymous said...

I, too, am completely thrilled that "Redd" was rescued! I've been following him on Petfinder too, and hoping for the best (but fearing the worst).. Made my morning to hear that he's found a home and is loved!! And here's hoping that little Ariella's new home is so full of love & happiness that the loss of her kittens becomes just a distant memory.

Beth H.
a.k.a. Pacey's (now Vince!)'s "mom".

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add that I know from experience (seen many kitten births) and research that cats are a lot better adjusted than we humans. If they lose one, they immediately ignore it and concentrate on caring for the survivors. Still poor ARiella - all 5. Do we know why? Stress of shelter I am guessing as mom cats go it alone most of the time.