Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Foster Home For Lilly!

You guys really made this menopausal cat lady cry this time! Yesterday, when I posted my fears for Lilly, I was surrounded by emails and love for this little girl. Four of you offered your home despite already bursting at the seams with foster cats.

I brought my camera with me to the shelter and had planned on taking a rescue picture of Lilly to remember the moment and let people know how much their love to her meant. But the damn thing remained in my purse and I totally forgot to take the picture! Crap!

When I picked up Lilly from the cage, she was a little stuffy from her shelter cold but by no means worse than she was the day before. She started purring instantly! Her little face nuzzled into my neck and I couldn't have been happier to take her out of there.

I'm always a little worried when I post that there was an outpouring of help for a cat. I'm afraid that the next time I post for something like this nobody will respond, thinking "Beth had lots of help last time...she doesn't need me." Lordie...if you only knew how NOT true that is.

I managed to rescue 5 cats today and am going back tomorrow for a few more. As I'm typing this blog, an email came in a few moments ago that I need to copy here. It's from a lovely new foster Mom that I brought two rowdy kittens to her home this afternoon:

" I wish I could put it into words; apparently I've been quite sad as of late. There's just something about cradling a tiny kitten in the sleeve of your robe, looking into his little brown eyes, and thinking about where he was eight hours ago, and where he might have been three days from now. I can't think of any eloquent way to put it - but I don't think I've smiled this much, or been this happy in a long time :)".

I'm in menopausal-cat-lady-crying-overload. :) I love you guys. Thank you for everything you do to help me and the cats.


RHz said...

I'm SO glad you were able to save Lilly. I wonder if there's a cat-specific transport available, like there is for dogs? That would make fostering so much easier!

Please let us know how Lilly makes out... AND know that most of us know that help is needed all the time when it comes to rescuing, so don't ever hesitate to ask or vent! We're all in this "rescue business" for the same outcome.

Steve Bartlett said...

Don't forget to call me if you need an emergency, temporary foster home for a sick cat. I'm now a pensioner, so I can look after them on a regular basis, and I've seen pretty much every illness that can be dealt with outside of an animal hospital. I always have room for one more :)