Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Where's The Waaaaahmbulance?




I didn't run a cat rescue today.  I ran a frickin' COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT.  It was one of those awful days that no matter how cheerful I answered the cat rescue phone line, there was somebody ticked off on the other end.  I had a call from someone who adopted a cat a month ago who was complaining that her cat had a runny eye.  Another call from someone whose kitten wasn't using the litterbox and it was my fault.  One call was from a former adopter who adopted a cat 3 months ago....yada yada yada. 

Certainly I don't mind giving advice or helping people.  I consider that part of my job!  But it was tough that it was all in a few hours. 

I was trying to organize the adoption event and move kittens from one foster home into 4 different foster homes.  For me, it takes a lot of concentration to insure I'm placing cats in the right places with the foster parents who can best handle the age group or needs.

In one hour, I have TWO showings on my house.  Right now, cleaning the house and loading up the cats and dog into the car seems like a walk in the park compared to the day I've had.  In fact, it sounds rather lovely to have an excuse to not be near the phone for a couple of hours. 

Despite all the problems of the day, I still really love what I do.  I've been feeling a little isolated lately especially when day-to-day issues have to be resolved.  I don't have a rescue partner to ask and right now I'm really missing that connection. 

Tomorrow will be a better day....clicking my heels three times...


Amanda said...

I know it's tough but just think about all the amazing things you've done today. Have you ever had a rescue partner?

K said...

Oh Beth...
Don't let it get you down. You do so much... If only people knew the half of it! Maybe each adopted cat should come with a link to this blog? :)

I keep waiting for the blog update where you say your house has been sold so that stress is over and done with!

Wishing you all the best.

Tina said...

You're not alone Beth. We've had some angry people calling as well. I guess no matter where you live there will always be people who aren't willing to take full responsibility for caring for their pet. Selfishness doesn't have a zip's everywhere. Expecting you all to pay for vet care after they've had the cat for a month is really ridiculous. I'm sure you never promised them a cat free of any sort of illness or medical condition. Cats are not cars and there is no lemon law on! People need to stop feeling "entitled" to a perfect cat that will never have any issues. They need to start accepting the responsibility they signed up for. You and your amazing volunteers are AWESOME Beth and don't you forget it :-)

Anonymous said...

Beth thanks for all your advice with Brimwood (black kitten) on Friday and Saturday. Brimwood is doing great thanks to you!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are monitoring your blood pressure! Fish oil is a good supplement to deal with this kind of stress.

You may feel alone but you are surrounded by an invisible cloud of supporters. We are the dozens of cat lovers who log on every day to cheer you on.

The tough times provide a contrast so you know things are good.

Thinking about you and your pup...

Harpurr's Mom

Kristen said...

I adopted my Cat and he had runny eyes within a few weeks as well....the medication was $15, which is less than McDinner for 2 people....and I never once thought of calling a rescue about it. Good grief.

Caroline said...

Hey Beth,

I clicked my heels 3 times for you and 3 times for me, I never thought of doing that but now I am going to use that for my stress relief! I work in a dept. with over 20 people and I still feel very much alone as I don't get asked to lunch or on coffee breaks,even though I have asked others, 2 days a week I am on my own in this dept. and I feel so much better cause at least I'm not being ignored.

Just a Q but is the house overpriced? I know my father overpriced his house, finally got an offer and then refused it and decided to stay! lol

Kirsten: Did you not also have to pay for the exam to get the eye medication? $60.00 + $15.00