Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Saturday Bathrobe

It's early.  While others in the house sleep, I'm getting ready for a big adoption event.  I'm sitting here thinking of the other volunteers - some who worked all week - who are also coming out for the event to help see some cats into their homes that we hope to be forever.

In fact, in Petsmarts all over North America volunteers are getting their unwanted, discarded cats ready to find homes they hope to be forever too. 

I would love to stay in my robe this morning and read the newspaper. It's been an awful Week #2 and David is finally home from Geekfest 2012 his Bridge Tournament.  All over North America, there are other volunteers who are probably thinking that they'd like to stay in their robes too. 

Then I think of the people who dumped the cats in shelters or by the side of the road and thinking about them in their robes and reading the newspaper this morning and I get angry.  They'll go out for breakfast this morning and not think about the animal that they left behind in the shelter or in a field or farm. 

I lift my coffee mug in a toast to those who care.  Those who gave up their coveted Saturday to set up cages, bring in their foster cats, scoop poop and listen to adopters tell stories of cats who have passed.  Many thank you's to those who picked up the pieces for those without responsibility. 

I wish ALL of you the very best today.  May you have lots of adoptions and feel wonderful about the work you're doing.  Look at those furry little faces and pink noses and know that they need you.  It's going to be a good adoption day.

You bring the cats and I'll bring the donuts.


Minh said...

Beth and volunteers: without you all, these unfortunate souls would not have a second chance & would not have a voice of their own! =^..^=

Debbie said...

I hope you all have a wonderful day and all the cats find their"forever homes"
Thank you to all the volunteers !

Tina said...

Just what I needed to hear this morning Beth! I'm just getting ready to leave for an adoption event and this message gives me the encouragement and motivation I need. May all of our events result in many adoptions! Woo Hoo....let's go!

Random Felines said...

good luck, well said, and paws crossed for lots of adoptions!!!

Rhonda said...

My respect and admiration goes out to all the rescuers and fosterers who work so hard to help the needy cats!

Barb's Cats and Quilts said...

I recently found your site from another cat blog. I've been a cat foster mom for four years and hear you loud and clear about stupid, thoughtless, idiotic people. We take our fosters to Petsmart every Saturday. Most of the time we feel like babysitters for parents shopping, and the afternoon entertainment for the socially challenged. Fostering would be so much more enjoyable if we only had to deal with the animals! The four-legged animals, that is.

I took in a pregnant cat last month who had eight orange kittens. Two returns for another foster mom who already had 25 foster cats, and I'm getting three more kittens tomorrow. Those three will make 24 for me. It never ends, does it?

I would love to follow your blog by email, but you don't have an option for that.