Friday, May 11, 2012

Back To "That Place"

Today was one of those glorious days that make you believe there's nothing terrible going on in the world.  I had to go out to the "high kill" shelter today to rescue a little girl the staff named "Novene":
We had a foster parent ask for Novene and although I hadn't rescued at this shelter in some time, I sure didn't mind getting this little girl out of there. 

I opened the sunroof on my car and headed out to the shelter.  The warm sun on my face gave me some courage as I could feel the familiar dread as I exited the highway.  Nothing has changed in the shelter.  Lots of empty cages - perhaps many were euthanized today?  Who knows.  I'm grateful that the sweet little face of Novene was there to greet me as I walked into the room:

Of course, as soon as I turned off the camera she came right out of the box and purr'd the moment I picked her up.  She's sick (as EVERY f**king cat is that comes out of this God forsaken place).  For once, I'd like to rescue somebody that doesn't look like they've been through hell. 

The foster parent that is taking Novene has a thing for fluffy calicos and I'm sure she won't be disappointed with her.  Novene is about 6 or 7 years old and definitely needs another chance at life.  She's a doll and totally needs a new name!  "Novene" sounds like a medication that I might take to fall asleep.

I stopped at a busy foster Mom's home and picked up two kittens to put into Petsmart for adoption.  Adoptions there haven't been what I had expected, but things do start to slow down as "free" kittens come on the online classifieds. 

Looking forward to a beautiful weekend with my sweetheart.  I haven't seen my friend The Groundhog since the other day, but to David's horror, I put out some grapes near the hole and they've been eaten.  I don't know why he was horrified that I fed the groundhog!  We've been married a long time now and he should know me better than that!  :) 

Happy Friday all - the adoption line is ringing lots and lots of this afternoon!  (Hurray!)


Sarah said...

haha... I am laughing, becuase like you..I feel I must feed everything too. We saw a rather ill looking fox run accross the backyard the other day and my husband turned to me and said "don't even think about it!" LOL...I was googling "what do foxes eat" before his shoes even hit the floor.

Chrissykat said...

She is gorgeous! You're right, that foster mom sure won't be disappointed in that beautiful girl. I love the rescue videos but I'm always saddened to hear all the other meows & cries in the background.

Happy day for a rescue phone ringing off the hook!!!

Lory and Co. said...

Aww....can't wait to help make that little girl feel all better again! She's gorgeous and I look forward to fostering her!

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks Beth and Lori for rescuing Novene. I have been keeping my fingers and toes crossed for that darling little gal. Such a pretty thing ... I too have a "thing" for fluffy calicoes.. and this little girl has such a sweet look about her't they all ? You have made my wishes come true ! Enjoy ! Love Gail