Monday, May 07, 2012

A Monday Update

Saturday was a terrific day for adoptions.  It wasn't too busy and it wasn't too slow...just a nice steady stream of really terrific people that came out to adopt some cats.  Sadly, none of our bigger kittens or adults were adopted.  I think it was a little slower than usual because another rescue was at a Petsmart nearby offering adoption fees at almost half of what ours is.  It's is business...and their cats need homes too. 

I was looking at the Facebook page that is advocating for a change at the high-kill shelter.  I've called them "The Crazy Protesters", but I'm feeling as if they aren't quite as over-the-top anymore.  Of course, there is one or two that I find frustrating to say the least, but they're looking more organized and less "kooky".  I respect that they are moving forward to try to make a difference. 

I was sad to read that somebody posted about a found cat in the area of the shelter and one of the women told her "Whatever you do, don't take the cat to the shelter - they'll kill it!" 
Despite all the problems that this shelter has, they DO reunite owners and their pets!  How awful that somebody could be looking for their cat and were told not to take it to the shelter.  Hopefully, they filed a "found cat" report anyway.

I've been spending a lot more time reading about the no-kill movement.  I'm not ready to offer an opinion, but anything that involves NOT killing animals deserves our attention.  It's great to see "kill" shelters becoming "no kill" shelters.  I always chuckle when I read their stats that indicate that some of these shelters get 100 strays per month or per year.  The big shelter that we've rescued from would be THRILLED with those stats.  In the summer, it's not unusual to get 100 cats in their shelter in a matter of a few days. 

Bah....I'm not getting into THAT controversy today.  I'm still on the fence with my opinion.

Here's an incredible thing:  I just received THE SEVENTH call about a cat going into heat AFTER she has been spayed.  That STUPID, WRECKLESS, NEGLIGENT vet who has performed these "spay" surgeries has cost our rescue thousands of $$'s in redoing spay surgeries.  It's all so sad that these cats have to go back and be spayed again.  Each time our vet is finding ovaries intact.  The vet who is performing these negligent surgeries and charging us needs to have his licence reviewed - to put it mildly.  We only used this vet for about 1 month last year before we realized he was a butcher.  But we're still getting these calls.  I wish I had the time to really go after this guy, but I don't.   

Aren't I a basket of happiness today?  :)


Emsworth Girl said...

Beth, i admire you for not mentioning the name of the vet. My friend is a vet she said you should call the vetranarian (sp?)board of ontario and report him. They will look into's unethical as she put it!
think how many people he's deceiving.

Cheerup beautiful, you rock!

Anonymous said...

There is WEBSITE called where you post your experiences with a vet. Might be helpful if the new owners each log on and report on the failed spays.

Harpurr's Mom

Devon said...

So how do your volunteers go after this guy? That's not okay.

~*Connie*~ said...

What a horrible situation for the cats.. :( I do hope you report him and I hope something happens to him. I've read too many stories of vets who 'get away with it' because there is so little recourse..

I am not afraid to say where I stand on the whole "no kill" situation. I personally hate the term "no kill" because that implies the others are "kill" shelters and they aren't (OK some are) they are open admission shelters and do their best for every animal that comes to their door.

"no kill" shelters for the most part (there are some notable exceptions) can't be open admission, as there isn't enough money or space. "no kill" shelters who are open admission often turn into warehouses and hoarding situations.

While there an overpopulation problem there will be a need to reduce the numbers after they are born.

I do totally appreciate closed admission shelters and the good they can do, but I think the term just makes it harder for every open admission shelter who does wonderful work.

Josie said...

Big hugs for all that crappy stuff.

Is there a Better Business Bureau or something similar he could be reported to?

Anonymous said...

Josie FYI
The College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) regulates the practice of veterinary medicine in Ontario to protect the public interest. The CVO is not a school or university. The CVO licenses veterinarians, inspects and accredits veterinary facilities and investigates complaints against veterinarians. They have a committee that reviews complaints from the public. Their website is

contact info and complaint process can be found there.

Harpurr's Mom

Eva said...

I am an advocate for No Kill and would highly recommend that you read Nathan Winograd's two books - Redemption and Irreconcilable differences. He was recently in Toronto - it was a very moving seminar. Many animal controls, humane societies and city/ town councillors were present. No Kill CAN work for open admission animal controls. If we do not speak up for the animals nothing will change. This high kill "shelter" has promised changes for years, yet the killing continues. It is time to say good-bye to the old shelter practices and bring in a new regime who will concentrate on saving the lives of healthy, adoptable animals, instead of killing them.

House of the Discarded said...

Eva: I've read both books :)