Monday, May 21, 2012

A Canadian Holiday Post

It's a holiday in Canada today.  Being an American, it's hard to understand the big deal with Victoria Day, but whatever you call it, I'm happy with a gorgeous day off with my family.  Yesterday was a baseball game, today was a waterfront lunch and walk in at the waterfront park near where we bought our new house. 

Sadly, the phone hasn't stopped ringing with sick and dying kittens this weekend.  They all seem to have the same thing - diarrhea, loss of weight and basically a fail-to-thrive.  Even the vets seem baffled.  There's no rhyme or reason.  They're not coming from the same place and not in the same foster home.  But the symptoms seem to all be very similar. 

I sat at the Toronto Blue Jay's game yesterday with David and my sons texting a sad foster parent who was losing one of her kittens.  It's awful to feel so far away and unable to do anything.  The poor little lamb passed away during the 5th inning.  My sons started to give me a hard time about texting during the "family time", but when I told them I was trying to console a foster parent with a dead kitten they backed off. 

One foster Mom went to the "high kill" shelter yesterday and rescued a VERY sweet 2 year old fluff ball:

I saw her last time I was there and she was so desperate to get out.  Imagine how happy I was to see that one of our volunteers chose her! 

I didn't realize how desperate I had been for some good news until I saw this picture.  Another foster Mom went to the same shelter on Saturday and rescued a 2 year old grey girl and couldn't leave behind the world's cutest 10 week old orange kitten who was alone in the cage. feels good to rescue. 
Our adoptions this weekend have been very very slow - no doubt due to the holiday. 

There have been TWO MORE instances of the "butcher vet" spaying cats and leaving one or more ovary in.  The rescue is having to pay for the re-spay surgeries from a more qualified veterinarian.  I wonder when or where this will ever end?  I've contacted the other rescues who have used this vet, but what about the people who have paid for his services and wonder why their female is yowling and pee'ing all over the place 6 months later?   Yes, I'm contacting the proper authorities. 

I'm leaving on Wednesday for Southern California for a few days.  My daughter is having her Bridal Shower and I'm definitely not going to miss it.  It feels like a bad time for me to be gone, but I'm always accessible by cell phone if any volunteer needs me.  I know the volunteers often feel guilty about contacting me, but again - that's what I signed up to do! 

BBQ heating up....Corn on the cob for the must be...Victoria Day!


Debbie said...

Sorry to hear about the kittens, but glad to hear about the rescues.
I am very glad to hear you are going to report "the Butcher" I hope something will be done
Enjoy the bridal shower!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,
Has the vet(s) checked tritrichomonas foetus? I have heard that this is a possibility with diarrhea in kittens.

Meaghan said...

The new fluffball reminds m of Molly!

It is sad to hear that kittens are unwell like that... But then, without the rescue and its volunteers, they wouldn't have had any chance. A huge thank you to all the foster parents who put their hearts on the line to give the little stinkers a chance.

I'm glad to hear that 'butcher' of a vet is being reported. I *hate* instances of malpractice like that.

And finally: have fun at the bridal shower!

Fisher and Staff said...

It is nice to hear you had a celebration day. You should have a celebration day for just yourself in honor of all you do for the animals and volunteers!

Caroline said...

Have a great time with your daughter and kudos to the foster parents who rescued the adult girls and nursed the sick babies. You ladies rock!

Random Felines said...

hope you got to enjoy part of the weekend. please let your foster families know we are sorry. we are having similar issues here....with both rescues mom helps with and different litters of kittens. (some of it turned out to be coccidia)

Anonymous said...

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Other brands that have been recalled include, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul; Country Value; Diamond; Diamond Naturals; Premium Edge; Professional; 4Health; Kirkland Signature products, Costco's private label; and Taste of the Wild. Natural Balance Pet Foods, Candide Pet Foods, Solid Gold Health Products for Pets and WellPet LLC have also issued voluntary recalls, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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Wow! I have bought some of those brands within the last year!

Harpurr's Mom