Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Procrastinating the "To Do" List

There's probably a million different things I should be doing right now, but writing in my blog seems to have taken top of the "to do" list.  More than likely,  it's my way of procrastinating. 

The rescue has moved out of one Petsmart yesterday and is preparing to move into another one tonight.  Although every store is supposed to have the same rules and regulations, they all seem to work a little differently.   You add the stress of this with a HUGE adoption event this weekend and that has to equal mega stress. 

You'd have to be in my shoes to know all that has to be done to move out of one Petsmart store and into another one.  Cats have to be vetted and placed.  Paperwork has to be in order and cages need to be cleaned.  Of course, no matter how well we clean the cages it's never quite good enough for the next rescue who is going in.  LOL 

Moving cats into foster homes that have been in Petsmart "long enough" is another important task.  Who determines that?  Probably me. 

Honestly, I couldn't do half of what I do without the other volunteers.  I've been meaning to sit down and write a note of appreciation - and perhaps THAT is what needs to go to the top of the "To Do" list. 

I finally have an opportunity to go out for dinner with several friends this evening and had a moment of despair when the real estate agent called me and said there was a request for somebody to view our house.  Gratefully, they rescheduled for tomorrow night.  I never get a chance to hang out with friends and it was important to me. 

David called yesterday and said that "Geekfest 2012"  (Canadian Bridge Championships) was not going well this year and part of me was happy that there's a chance he'll be home early.  I'm such a selfish wife.  :)

Time to feed the cats, Maggie and head out to Petsmart to set up for a new month.  I'm looking forward to having dinner with friends and playing with kittens.  Of course, what Petsmart entrance wouldn't be complete without some friendly bitching about the condition of the cages that the prior rescue left them in?  (*LOL*)

Ahh...it's all good, right?


Caroline said...

I feel that PetSmart should have their paid staff cleaning the cages and feeding the animals, do they realize that rescue workers are volunteers?? I also feel that they could replace all their mill animals (guinea pigs, hamsters, birds etc) with rescued animals as every type of animal has at least one rescue org. Enjoy your dinner out with the girls!

Anonymous said...

If the cages are portable consider using a do it yourself car wash - they do a good job with little elbow grease. I do my fiberglass dog crate in one.

There is a nifty software called Project Kickstart that I have used for years. You can find a trial copy at


if you think you want to try it I can show you how. It is really intuitive and lets you plan activities for a group and delegate tasks in a way nothing gets missed and everyone knows what they are responsible for. In the past they have traded a working copy for a copy of your planned event. Would be glad to talk to you about it if you are interested. It even has a gant chart feature so you can set up due dates for tasks on a calendar.

Harpurr's Mom