Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blessings. Counting Them.

I'm feeling far more relaxed today.  Things weren't necessarily better, but the rant from yesterday's blog post must of helped.  I really held on to the tidbits of good news that came my way in this morning's emails.

I feel so blessed to have received a gift certificate for a SPA from one of our foster parents who thought I deserved a break.  When I received the email with the certificate, I started to cry.  It was a beautiful thing to feel cared about and appreciated.  I can hardly wait to book the appointment and go. 

Tomorrow is "Garbage Day".  In the city where I live, they allow 6 "garbage cans" (every other week) which doesn't include recycling.  It occurred to me that the majority of our garbage is cat poop.  No wonder the garbage guys FLING the cans back into our yard after dumping it.  They must get so ticked to open up garbage cans filled with cat crap. 

We had another house showing tonight.  The longer the house is for sale, the more relaxed I'm getting about the cats.  Although I still put litterboxes away, etc., I'm not taking out all the cats in carriers any longer.  With the weather being so beautiful, I'm putting some of them out in the "Cat Den", some in carriers and my little epileptic girl "Newman" gets to stay inside and be the princess that she is.  Phoebe and Pella hide under the bed as soon as they see the carriers come out, so I leave them in the house too.  I'm tired of digging out unhappy cats from under the bed.

On another happy note, our 14 year old dog Maggie who was given Four Weeks to live has surpassed the 4 week mark with flying colours.  She's doing so well and continues to enjoy life the way she always has.  She's still taking brisk nightly walks, barking at other dogs and stealing the cat's Temptation Treats.  I snapped this sweet picture of Maggie, my son "Will" and "Butters" napping this afternoon:

Looks like I need to count my blessings a little more often. 


Crystal said...

Beth that picture is priceless. I am so happy to hear about Maggie, such great news:) I hope you get to relax and enjoy this long weekend...

Debbie said...

A great picture
He is a animal lover like his Mom !
Hope the showing went well
That was really nice of the foster to send you to the spa.
It is nice to know people appreciate you
And we all do Beth!

Princess Jasmine said...

Awww, how lovely to get a spa treat. You so deserve to pamper yourself after all the hard work you do :)xx

Heather said...

Is it strange that I worry about you (a complete stranger) when you haven't posted for a few days?

House of the Discarded said...

Heather: Not strange! I'm thrilled somebody out there cares and is looking out for me :)