Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Summer is coming, because I'm getting a bazillion requests from foster parents who are going on vacation and need to move their cats or kittens into new locations for a week or two.  May the juggling act begin!  It's always tough to do, but I'm a proud non-overrescuer, so finding a spot isn't usually a hideous experience - yet.  I figure by July, I'll be crying in my Cat Chow for additional foster space.

I have a short not-so-short story to tell and am trying to figure out the way I want to explain it.  There are a couple of layers to the story and I wanted to make sure that I do a good job:

About 3 weeks ago, we adopted a very cute little guy named Ramone to a fabulous family:
After about a week into his adoption I received a call from his new Mom "Dahlia" who said Ramone was sick.  The symptoms were strange and I was worried.  I suggested a vet in her area which is also my own vet and favourite person. 

But Ramone kept getting sicker.  And sicker.

Another week went by and Dahlia contacted me about Ramone.  Apparently, he had been in and out of the vets for several weeks.  She was at a loss and needed some guidance.

Never once did Dahlia yell at me about "adopting out a sick cat to her".

Never once did Dahlia demand ask the rescue for money.

Today she called from the vet.  Ramone was dying.  He was finally diagnosed with congenital kidney failure.  The vet was recommending euthaniasia and she didn't want to do this until she spoke with me.  I spoke with her and the vet.  It was best for Ramone.

Dahlia didn't tell me I ran a "shitty rescue", or complained that she lost an adoption fee.


She asked me how to tell her children about Ramone's passing.  She wants to become a volunteer driver for our rescue. She thanked me for emotionally supporting her through the past few weeks. 

I hadn't cried for the loss of a cat in a long time.  But I didn't cry for Ramone's loved passing.  I cried in gratitude for Dahlia and her love, care and being a 100% *class act*.  I didn't think a person like Dahlia existed anymore and I was losing hope.

Thank you for giving me some of my faith in humanity back.  Enjoy your time at "The Bridge", Ramone.  We lost another kitten in foster care this morning and I hope you find each other.   


Deb said...

Although I hurt to hear of two beautiful cats dying too soon, I give 2 paws up for Dahlia. Deb

Debbie said...

I feel very sorry for Dahlia her family and Ramone.
Ramone had love till the end
We need more people like Dahlia
Thank you!!

Devon said...

Aww I'm so sorry for you, Dahlia, her family & Ramone. If only all our adopters were like her!

Sparkle said...

Isn't Dahlia like all humans are supposed to be? It sounds like the others were treating their adopted kitties like products - things that, if something went wrong, should be returned and their money refunded, instead of like living, breathing family members. I don't think mean (and I'm referring to both the financial and character traits) people like that should have cats. Why can't everyone be like Dahlia?

It is very sad about Ramone, but it's also clear to me that he did not die in vain - there were many layers of value to his short life.

~*Connie*~ said...

Thank you for sharing Ramone and Dahlia. as a foster home, I often fear where my kittens will end up, and I have to just pray they are with the Dahlia's of the world..

If Dahlia is reading this, thank you.

and I am so thankful that Romone was where he was when he was so that we could meet you and be reminded that not all people suck. He was loved and cared for and did not die alone with out tears, and that is a lot for such a short life. He was blessed.

Anonymous said...

Dahlia I hope you have a chance to read this...

Sorry for your and your children's lost.

Losing a pet is never easy. Doesn't matter if you have had your pet a month or 12 years; it still hurts.

You did everything possible for Ramone. Thank you for being such a caring, giving and respectful person.

Anonymous said...

When I lost my beautiful 2 yr old golden a year ago this month to IMHA I found a helpful chat room with trained moderators at the Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement. A safe place to find support and chat with others in various stages grieving. They have a resource centre for talking to children at:

A book "The Legend of Rainbow Bridge" might be helpful too.

Harpurr's Mom

Josie said...

Thank you for sharing this-I actually needed to read/hear something like this today. :) Bittersweet, but something that definitely gives some hope. ((hugs))

cattywumpus said...

Wonderful/sad story about Dahlia and Ramone. Ramone was lucky to have Dahlia for a mom, even though it was brief. I hope Dahlia adopts another cat soon!