Monday, May 28, 2012

Is It "Tomorrow" Yet?

It was hard leaving Southern California this time.  Everything looked so beautiful!  My daughter's bridal shower was on a lovely yacht in Newport Beach Harbour.  I was reminded why people covet a Southern California lifestyle and had to remind myself why I wanted to leave it.

We had some urgent situations while I was away - kittens are dying and we just don't know why.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason.  Some are from the shelter, some are born in the foster home.  But they all seem to have horrible anemia and diarrhea.  We're all beginning to wonder if it's the food. 

My God, I sit here and wonder how we'll feel if we've been inadvertently poisoning our kittens when another pet food recall comes around.  I can't fathom it. 

Lots happening this week as we prepare to go into another Petsmart store and we have a HUGE fundraising Garage Sale on Saturday.  Our vet bills have been through the roof lately with all the sick and dying kittens.  We still have kittens at the vet on IV fluids and one at another vet that was euthanized this morning.  The fundraiser couldn't come at a better time.  It's been brutal.

I'm tired tonight.  Between the heat and another house showing this afternoon, my heart isn't into writing today.  Tomorrow is another day and the jet lag will be gone. 


Fuzzy Tales said...

There IS another pet food recall on at the moment, Beth. Diamond Foods, I believe. It's been on the CB, here's a quick link to a Catster article:

Debbie said...

Welcome back!
Glad you enjoyed your time away
California is one of the only places I would like to go
Now I just need the nerve to fly!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Hope your pup and kitties are well!
The catster info is the same as the worms and germs vet blog from last week:

"After starting off like a simple recall of potentially Salmonella-contaminated dry pet food, the Diamond Pet Food problem has now expanded into a multistate outbreak of salmonellosis in humans linked to exposure to the contaminated pet food. At last count, there were 14 affected people from 9 US states, including 5 who required hospitalization. These numbers could increase since so far they only include people who got sick up to April 1 (because it takes time for Salmonella to be grown in the lab, sent to CDC for testing and the result investigated, later cases may not have been reported yet).
This outbreak involves Salmonella Infantis, a strain that is uncommonly identified in people. Finding an increased number of infections caused by an unusual strain makes it easier to identify an outbreak, as was presumably the case here. This strain has also been isolated from various types of pet food that were produced at the Diamond Pet Foods' South Carolina plant.
Despite the name, this strain of Salmonella is not more likely to infect infants, and people ranging from less than 1 year to 82 years of age have been infected." 2 cats in Quebec shelter died from it.

Not listed was Royal Canin Siamese kibble - I had a bad bag of it two months ago. Was a new bag with a strong smell and it made my cat vomit to the point of thin liquid with bubbles. Don;t know what was wrong with it I returned it to the petvalu it came from.

Worms and Germs recommends:
"How do reduce the risk of getting Salmonella from pet food (or your pet)?
Don't feed pets in the kitchen. This practice has been associated with an increased risk of disease in a previous outbreak of salmonellosis in children.

Wash your hands after handling pet food.

Don't let young children have contact with pet food.

Use common sense when handling pet feces.

Hugs to the foster families with the sick kitties.

Harpurr's Mom

Caroline said...

Wow a bridal shower on a yacht?! That's something you don't get in the GTA!
I agree with Fuzzy Tales and take Mom and babies off any of the recalled pet food. I stand by Nutro dry food products.

~*Connie*~ said...

I so totally do not want it to be the food, but if it isn't, then it sounds like you have something nasty going on up there, and that isn't any better..

If it is the food, I so hope the food companies re-reimburse you for the expense.. *sigh* not that that makes up for the hell you are going through now..

Anonymous said...

Beth if you have a foster home raising kittens and everyone is well
- have everyone put their kittens on the food they are feeding.
At least you will know that that cat food is safe... Just a thought.

Harpurr's Mom