Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Day Before...

The day started with a chipmunk in the house.  I don't know which one of my felines brought the little guy in from the cat den, but he was scared to death shivering in a corner near my refrigerator.  Sherman had him cornered and was reaching for him like a T-Rex on Jurassic Park. I was in a hurry so barricaded the chipmunk so he would stay safe until my return.

The day was down hill after that. 

Yes, the day before a trip to California can never be an easy one.  There's always some kind of emergency - whether it's cat-related or the person that cuts my hair cancels at the last minute.  Regardless, it wouldn't be a day-before-travel-day unless I was a sweaty, grumpy, mess by 8 pm. 

The highlight of the day was finding the little Chipmunk still alive upon my return 3 hours later.  He looked far perkier!  My son and I took a broom handle and taped a big soup spoon to the end of it,  (Seriously.)  and scooped the little guy into a dish towel and put him in the backyard.  Victory!!! 

The worst part was seeing all the crap that had accumulated behind the refrigerator.  Good Gravy, I think that chipmunk had enough to eat and enough cat toys to play with for a year back there!

We had a house showing at 4 pm today that I wasn't planning on having, so had to stop and buy fresh flowers for the table.  Of course, the potential buyers stayed for 5 minutes as I watched them leave from a vantage point down the block.  $40.00 in flowers for a 5 minute showing....blah. 

Yes, I'm going to be a happy camper to get on that plane tomorrow.  David is coming with me and we'll have a couple of days of romance in La Jolla before going to my daughter's Bridal Shower. 

I found a cute picture on Facebook that I wanted to share.  I hope you all share it too.  After paying the rescue's bills, taking complaint calls, and scooping cat poop, I seem to have forgotten that THIS is what I do best:
See you when I get back in a few days :) 


Debbie said...

Enjoy your daughters bridal shower and some special time with
David.Everyone needs a little time to themselves to just be with the one you love!!
Maybe even a offer on the house while you are gone :)

Random Felines said...

have a nice time away - we all need it.....

Caroline said...

Flowers can be had from the grocery store for around $10.00. Enjoy the trip.