Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Post Holiday Update on Irma & Meyer

I've had a lot of folks asking for an update on Irma and Meyer the two seniors that were adopted by an angel named Sandy.

I received an email from Sandy on Christmas Eve:

"Hi Beth:It's been 2 hours since......it's taken me this long........Meyer passed away peacefully in my arms at 5:23pm this evening. Talk more another time. Sandy"

Meyer was 20+ years old. I'm saddened by his loss, but grateful that he died in the arms of somebody that loved him. I sure hope I can pass away the same way.

Fortunately, the update on Irma was far more bright. It took Sandy a long time to get Irma feeling better. Irma had a terrible case of URI, but gratefully, Sandy pulled her through:
Sandy's email to me: (Edited - but read the whole thing - you'll be glad you did!)

"Hi Beth:Nice to hear from you and Happy New Year. The holidays were quiet as usual and everyone had some turkey. Even Irma. Would you believe that on Christmas, after all the sub q-ing and 2 different antibiotics for 2 weeks and all the feeding with an eye dropper, that that little pixie stuck out her tongue for the first time and took the food off of my finger. The next morning she was eating by herself out of the dish and she hasn't stopped since. In fact, her little tummy is starting to bulge and she's even gained a pound already....

She is something else. She follows me around like a puppy and sits beside me when I'm on my knees changing the litter. She likes everyone here and cuddles with them and they love her too.

One of the things I love most about Irma is her 'hands.' Remember how she held unto your finger in the car and mine also, well, she uses those little paws just like little hands. She strokes your face, she feels your hair and she'll smack you too if your not looking, just because she can. Sometime she'll just be sitting there holding it up.

Beth, there's no doubt about it that Irma is all but recovered from her illness. I had an awful time with her nose, bleeding and all but that's all over with. Now all we have to do is make her good and healthy so she'll be able to live the rest of her life they way she should. Warm, happy and loved. I only wish it hadn't of been to late for Meyer and that he was here with us as well.

Thank you Beth for letting me have Irma. With Meyer no longer with us, I'm sure he wouldn't mind letting some other old soul take his place. I keep my eye on the web site but should you hear of another first, don't hesitate to let me know. It doesn't matter what sex, or how pretty or not, just the saddest and the most neediest one is perfect!"

(You know that I'll be looking for the saddest little ol' kitty at the shelter.)

Sandy's comment about Travis and his blindness? "Don't forget....one does not see love, one feels it.



HomeToMany said...

Wow, Sandy is so, so amazing. I am so sad to hear of Meyer's passing but so happy that he had a wonderful place for his final days. He is at the bridge with all the many we have lost before him.

Irma sounds like she is in love with Sandy and her family too. I love what she wrote in her email, maybe it is just the pregnancy hormones - but I cried like a baby!

I am so happy that she is willing to foster another senior... that just sent my heart fluttering knowing she is willing to do it all again....even if for only a few days. Sandy you are amazing. Beth you are amazing. I am going to go and cry some more now. ;-)

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Another time we have to comment -

Sandy's closing words say so much -

Thanks again for all you do -

And for those in your network of cat angels!

Khyra's Mom

Anonymous said...

wow the world needs more sandys in it and beths too !!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! you where right .
She is an angel!!!!!!!!!!!
Bless this woman, I wish I could do what she does, but I am not as strong as Sandy is.
Thanks for sharing this Beth.

Everycat said...

So sad that Meyer didn't make it, that's a lot to go through at such a great feline age, poor fella, but at least he had some time being loved and cared for and left for The Bridge in the arms of someone who genuinely loved him. Irma sounds like such a sweet character. Sandy has done very well to nurse her over that URI, age makes it hard to fight such things. Sandy is an angel, I'm sure Meyer would be delighted that another little old cat in need is to be given the chance of living out their days truely loved.

NoviceLife said...


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story. Sandy is a saint. I have no doubt whatsoever that any cat - and certainly the aged ones - would be grateful for even a day or two of love and lap time and then a dignified euth, than weeks of "life" in a shelter cage. Meyer's last days were probably better than his last years. And Irma? She is now in her own heaven. This is truly a wonderful story, even for Meyer.

A Cat's Tale said...

Wow! What an amazing angel... um mom Sandy is!
It's so sad that Meyer didn't get to spend more time in Sandy's loving arms. But that was a wonderful Christmas eve gift that Sandy gave him, that of passing peacefully knowing that he is loved and cared for.

Anonymous said...

Lots of good news so far in 2010... Steve's story yesterday and then the awesome email from Sandy. I have now read about three heros/angels; Beth, Steve and Sandy. Thanks to all three of you for all you do. I cannot help but feel inspired by your actions. :)

RHz said...

I'm sorry to hear about Meyer, but so glad he was loved when he crossed the Bridge.

Glad to hear Irma is doing better and is spending her days being loved like she should.

This brought tears to my eyes, but for all the right reasons.