Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday at the Shelter

Nothing speaks contentment more than a Sunday morning fire in the fireplace and a cat in your lap as you blog. I have to stop typing every few words as my little black cat "Pella" tries to lick on the top of my raisin toast.

I met a foster family at the shelter yesterday. It never ceases to amaze me how different the weekends are at the shelter. It's very quiet and relaxed. The staff seems peaceful. After much deliberating, the couple decided on THREE foster cats!

"Jelly Bean is a homely little thing, but she's really sweet!

"Snowflake" was surrendered to the shelter due to family allergies.

"Whisper" had been at the shelter for more thn a month. She's SWEET!

Another foster Mom came forward for this little guy:

We found out that "Polly" is actually a "Paulie"

I think I'm going back to the shelter tomorrow. I woke up in the middle of the night last night thinking about some of the faces that I saw. Tuesday the vet comes to euthanize the unfortunate souls whose time is if I'm going to rescue somebody, I need to go tomorrow.

I'm beginning to think that I use Monday morning rescues as a way to avoid becoming one of the "Starbucks Ladies" who jog by my house every morning. I saw the little group on Friday running with their Starbucks *and* Lulu Lemon bags! My big butt hates them.

Screw it. I'll let Pella lick the butter off my raisin toast. It's a start.


Smartypants said...

Beth, Snowflake and Polly/Paulie were the two I couldn't stop thinking about. I'm so happy to find out they are both safe and warm in their new foster homes!

I have to say that we were amazed at how many people were jogging around your neighbourhood when we dropped off something in your mailbox one day... I don't blame you for hiding out, I'd be doing the same! What is up with all that jogging??!

House of the Discarded said...

Smartypants: I'm SO glad you noticed that and it wasn't just me!


Caroline said...

The Starbuck ladies aren't saving lives like you are, maybe you should put a note on your front lawn, "On another cat rescue mission brb." "Guard cat on duty!"

Caroline said...

I wish I could keep chickens on my balcony for free range eggs and foster cats in the party room! What a wonderful life that would be. Not to mention a horse in the field next door! If only there were more of us!

Anonymous said...

Big butt? Excuse me...the only thing big on you is your heart!! :)))

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: There's a reason my Facebook pictures only show waist-up! :) :)