Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Hump Day Ramble

I had the privilege of rescuing two Mom cats with their kittens today! I was so grateful two foster families stepped forward and I managed to put together a last minute rescue. EIGHT little souls left the shelter and are now safe, sound and being loved as I type this.

There are four kittens: 2 are black and white and 2 are black. They were born on Sunday the 10th in a cage, on one sheet of newspaper. Nobody even knew she was pregnant.

The picture of this Mom and her babies don't do them justice. They're a sweet little family! The foster Mom is going to surprise her kids when they come home from school. What a great way to come home from a long crummy day of school to find KITTENS in your house!

Speaking of kids....(Side note rant coming up)

There's a small pile of cat barf in my basement. It's been there for 3 days and I refuse to clean it. I don't care if it petrifies on the floor - SOMEBODY ELSE is going to clean up this little pile of barf for a change. It's on the only piece of carpeting in the basement (of course) and it leads into the laundry room. I suppose my sons and husband have already walked over it several times. Nobody is talking about the cat barf. We all know it's there and we're all waiting for somebody else to clean it up. I hate them. :)

(Side note rant end)

Tyla is a little tabby that I rescued yesterday:
Her new name is "Bridget" and her foster Dad sent me an "After" picture of Bridget a few hours after she arrived in his home:

Hardly looks like the same cat! The transformation from shelter to home never ceases to amaze me. I couldn't help but say "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww" when I saw this picture.

I went to Home Sense today (for my U.S. friends: Home Sense = "TJ Maxx X 10) after the drop offs to reward myself. I meandered through the aisles and gawked at the cat statuary. (I promised David I wouldn't buy anymore "cat crap" for the house. What a grump.) I finally bought at a cute wintry wreath for my front door. It felt good to buy something I didn't need but merely wanted. Fortunately, it was only $15.00 - an affordable indulgence.

My "Hump Day Update" has officially turned into "Hump Day Ramble".... I need to start titling my blog AFTER I write.


Anonymous said...

Beth- the whole cat bark/puke/bodily fluid mystery item is the same in my house. DH has actually walked past a pile of DOG SHIT and claimed "I didn't see it". For cripes sake,it was the size of my arm!!!!
I'm trying to train the creatures to puke/shit in his shoes instead. That's my 2010 goal!

Brandon said...

I LOVEEE seeing after pictures. They make me so happy and today's made me tear up. Such an amazing transformation and soo cute.

Glad to see you got some familys out today.

You're doing an AMAZING job. Keep up all the good work.

Anonymous said...

Turns out all four kittens are black & white! The two that look black actually have white on their bellies. They are ADORABLE. The mom was spooky at first, but we bonded with squeezy-eyes and she turned into a moosh. She's lovely and trusting and purrful. She surely didn't deserve to be in a cage at a shelter. Thank you, Beth, for getting her for us!

Steve Bartlett said...

Cat barf is great for keeping mice away. At my house it never lasts long because the dogs eat it.

Laura HP said...

Bridget's 'after' photo is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. She just looks so completely happy!
Fantastic to hear about two families being rescued =)

Caroline said...

YAY Beth for rescuing single Moms and their kids!! You and the fabulous foster parents totally made my day!
PS I know about the cat barf but unfortunately at my house there is only me to pick it up! Luckily Emily finds ok spots to leave her deposits.

Anonymous said...

I came home from work last night and my husband said "there's some barf upstairs". I made a face and he said "it's just a little". What! Couldn't he or the kids clean it up, especially since it's only a little....and they would have had to step over it too since it was in the middle of the stairs. They're all the same!

Smartypants said...

I'm so happy about the moms/kittens - I was trying to convince Rob that we needed the first family here (I thought the gorgeous b&w mom and Marve would make a great couple, LOL) but obviously he was a hard sell on that idea. I love how in the second family the black kitten looks 8 times the size of the lil tabby one! And of course I always love me some good before/after photos... ;) Thanks Beth!