Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Hump Day Ramble

I had to take my own little senior girl Pella to the vets this morning. She was looking VERY snuggly in "her spot" next to the heater. (I finally caved and put a towel in the corner because she looked so pitiful laying on the cold wood floors.)

Pella knew something was up. Who wakes up a sleeping cat if they can help it? As soon as Pella saw the cat crate she started gagging and barfed all down the front of me.


I guess when you've had ALL of your teeth removed, the vet isn't a source of great comfort. Poor little girl.

I wanted to make sure that I thank those of you who took the time to write me via email or comments over my last post. Let me assure you that everything is OK and the rescue is still a great place to volunteer - that's why I'm STILL volunteering by fostering little Boris. Your thoughts meant the world to me. Really and truly :)

I've had a few people interested in adopting cats directly from the shelter over the past few days. (yay!) I always have a list of questions to ask potential adopters. I don't make it easy on folks who want to adopt because there is no adoption fee and I need assurance that they have the funds to spay or neuter the cat. Because they're adopting from the shelter and not from the rescue, there is no quarantine period and no in-home assessment as to their personality. I need to know that the cat will NEVER end up back at the shelter again.

So that brings me to "Dawn" who wanted to adopt "a baby kitten". She's never had a kitten before, so I suggested fostering *first*. "No." She didn't want to foster. She wanted her own little bundle of joy, because.....she moved here from Calgary and had to give away her puppy before she moved! But he went to a "really cool farm where he could play and stuff."

Oh. My Gosh. Stupid, ignorant people. *argh* She won't be adopting from me.

I'm really hoping this other woman calls me back about adopting "Jazz" from the shelter. Kim tells me she's VERY sweet:

We've exchanged a bunch of emails about Jazz, but I need to actually speak with her if she is to adopt this little girl.

Sooooooooooooo.....*yawn*....that's it for my Wednesday. I bought an ugly lamp at Home Sense, I've taken a nap and have fantasized about throwing cat barf on the neighbour's car.

I wonder what excitement Thursday will hold for me? (*wink*)


Anonymous said...

I have an idea for your neighbors, it will take some planning and you will have to wait until spring...I sometimes watch the dog whispered...I just love Cesar lol...anyway I saw a show where he did a reunion and all the dogs he reformed came back for a picture this, all the cats and kittens you have adopted out come to your house for a reunion this spring in your backyard LOL...and of course they will all want to play in the cat den LOL...include on the invite that everyone must smoke LOL...okay a little out there I know, but can't ya picture it LOL

Steve Bartlett said...

Let me know if Boris wants a "play date". I'm wondering how he would react to the menagerie here.

Laura HP said...

Beth, I've admired your work since I started reading the blog, but now that I know you're the only way those cats get adopted - you are an AMAZING person!! You do really beautiful work!
Jazz looks beautiful and I hope that potential adopter takes her home =)

Caroline said...

Hi Beth

How about a list of all your cats with pics and their bios?

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: Don't tempt me! :)

Steve: I think Boris would LOVE to party with Travis & Pippin!

Caroline: MY cats??? :)