Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ghostly Encounters

I didn't go to the shelter today. I was told that Travis was such a big expense for the rescue that we need to slow down rescuing to recoup some of the expenses. I hate hearing that. But I understand. Tomorrow is a euthanasia day, so my heart is really hurting over not getting some of them out today.

David is out playing Bridge tonight and I've been watching those ghost reality shows on t.v - "Ghost Hunters", "Ghost Encounters", "Destination Truth". I'm alone in the house and now I hear noises coming from the basement. Why on earth do I watch this stuff? We have a bunch of cats in the house AND a dog and I'm shivering in my slippers over "scary noises". Silly moi.

I believe that our pets have souls. I don't want to go to heaven without them. I've had the privilege of *feeling* and in some cases *seeing* my pets after they've passed on. It's only happened a couple of times, but I'm certain that they've come back to say "hello". :)

Years ago after our black lab "Riley" passed away (he was 14 years old) we had some concerns that our current dog "Maggie" was depressed after his passing. I contacted an animal communicator to "talk" with Maggie. I didn't tell her about Riley passing away. I just said that Maggie seemed depressed. Her response was amazing: (Again - the animal communicator did NOT know that our other dog - a black lab - had recently passed.)

"Maggie is telling me that she's lonely and wants a friend. She's telling me that she would like it to be a big dog like a Lab, but it doesn't have to be black this time. Maggie also wants you to know that 'he comes to visit her sometimes.'"

Cool stuff, eh? I still remember that conversation like it was yesterday. We tried to find Maggie a friend, but she was so hostile to every dog on the street that we would meet, I let too much time go by and she seems very happy now.

When our 20 year old cat Charlotte passed away, the whole family reported at totally separate times that they had seen her the week after she left us. I didn't find it scary, but very reassuring.

No more spooky shows for me tonight. But one final thought:

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." - Will Rogers

(That goes for cats too, just in case you were wondering!)


Anonymous said...

Yes, dogs go to heaven. Go check your email:)

Kathleen said...

I for sure want to go where Bob went :-)My wittle bbooyyyyyyyyyy

Anonymous said...

Would you be willing to say who the communicator was? I'd love to have a reference if you were pleased with the outcome.

NoviceLife said...

There is a book called 'When Ghost Speak' by Maryann Winkowski - one of the chapters talks about pets and their spirits coming back to visit their owners, or still watching over their owners etc... I definitely believe :)

Anonymous said...

Well when I die, I want to 2 things, to come back as a pet owned by me and also to come back as my husband married to me :)They all have it good LOL

Anonymous said...

When you do start rescuing, I vote for Kanna:

She looks way too sweet to give birth in a shelter. She looks like she could really use saving...

Anonymous said...

Arg! I hate hearing that you guys are slowing down with rescuing. There are so many sweet faces - Edmond, among many, many others. :(

Anonymous said...

Here is my second favourite (and sad) animal ghost story:

"I thought I'd share a story I have that my father told me. He doesnt really talk about ghosts much and is fairly religious, so I had to sort of drag this story out of him one day when he mentioned something about it. I cant remember how it came about but maybe because me and my one sister love the paranormal. Anyways I dont think he was pulling our legs because of the way he told the story (his reluctance) and that he is a really horrible liar! LOL!

He was the only one in his family to go away to college. When he left, his dog Lady was left behind with the family. The dog was older by this point, but still healthy.

Anyways, one day he was in his apartment getting ready for school, combing his hair in the mirror when he saw Lady sitting behind him on the floor in the mirror's reflection. Of course, he whipped around and she wasnt there.

He was sort of confused by this but decided to ignore it and went to school. Later that day he called home to see how everyone was, and asked about Lady. His sister apologized and said that they had to put Lady to sleep that morning because she had suddenly become very ill (like within a matter of days or so). He did not know at all that the dog had been sick."

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: The Animal Communicator was Claudia Hehr. Her website:

Anonymous said...

Toronto Cat Rescue has 180 cats and 70 kittens available on their website right now. 250 ! That's more than the 162 deemed healthy enough to adopt (out of about 1,000) cats at Toronto Humane. Can we blame the shifting weather patterns for longer and longer 'kitten/newborn seasons' ?

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: Certainly *I* blame global warming on the longer kitten seasons. There are pregnant cats at the shelter I rescue from right now. A few years ago there were NO kittens or pregnant cats at this shelter in January!