Monday, January 25, 2010

Squirrel-Killing-Animal-Hating Neighbours - They're Baaaaack!

In case you haven't had enough to smile or laugh about lately, I thought I'd post my most recent encounter with The Squirrel-Killing-Animal-Hating Neighbours . The day went something like this:

I love Mondays, because my sweet cat-loving housekeepers arrive to clean my home. I usually try to leave on Monday mornings so they can have the house to themselves to clean. Because there was no Monday morning rescue, I defaulted to my 2nd favourite spot: "Home Sense". I came home to the following letter laying across my keyboard: (Don't try to squint, I've typed out the letter below as Maria wrote it out. I didn't edit the letter)

Hi Beth! (laughing)

Old bidy to ur left come knocking at ur door accusing of someone from this house throwing cigarette butts on her side.

She left them outside on the door on the ledge.

Her and her pink/flower rain boots wants u to know that her husband is a doctor and a cancer researcher, and something about her daughter (by this time, trying not to burst in laughter).

She is very, very, very angry about it and she wouldn't tolerate this any longer. She also made aware that u and her don't see eye to eye.

I told your son about it - which we kind of thought she belong to the loony bin!


(I love Maria!) Soooooo......The nutty neighbour left a HUGE pile of cigarette butts at my front door and left! We don't even smoke!! What else could I do but laugh? She's frickin' nuts and has issues far more than my presence of my cat den or cigarette butts in her yard.

If that letter wasn't enough to make you smile, maybe this recent sugar-sweet moment with Boris will:

Nope! Nothing can ruin my day today :)


Lisa said...

Get some catnip and some cigarette papers and roll the catnip up like a joint and burn one end so they look like they've been smoked. leave a pile of them on your neighbours front porch. :D

Oooooooooh...Boris is just toooooooo cute!

Le Phung said...

I'm in love with Boris and I HATE your stupid squirrel killing neigbours! They need a life!

House of the Discarded said...

Lisa: Don't tempt me!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Beth...

...Sounds like either her husband or her daughter are hiding a nasty smoking habit from her and she has bigger problems than finding the butts outside....such as who they belong to in her house and who is lying to her!!! HAHAHAHHAHA

Copper Point Studio said...

I have been lurking for awhile now, but the picture of Boris made me come out of hiding. He's too cute!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but what to do with the used kitty litter is always a problem here, any ideas ???? LOL

Caroline said...

Hi Beth
OMG Boris is such a cutie! I wish I had an extra room to stash another rescue. Emily should be ready for adoption when I get back from Florida and I will be looking forward to getting her placed and saving a new one.

Take care!

Ecochica said...

Thats hilarious! Do they honestly think that they can continue with these crazy stories?? Ugh they need a life! At least this we can laugh about!

Anonymous said...

Option 1- you have direct relatives working at Grovesner St in the DNA division and you'd be more than happy to have the cigarrettes tested for DNA.
Option 2- you have direct relatives working in forensic psychiatry and would happy to make a referral.
Option 3- you are already on parole for 'x' (fill in as you see fit).

Living with a saucy Nikki-the-Ninja-foster cat inspires me....especially when she's all black!

Anonymous said...

Beth ... I have to apologize ... I've been stalking you ... I've been sitting on your neighbours lawn chain smoking like a sonovagun and drinking several alcoholic beverages ... by the way .. your neighbour really needs to iron her nightgown ... OH SHIT ... SHE'S NAKED ! ... oh .. one other thing .. if your neighbour's grass doesn't grow back ... its because I relieved myself there ... Ninja CATS RULE ! ;)

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that they came by while you were out. Surely they recognize your car by now and it's parked right in the driveway. Perhaps they fear you and David a little more than they're letting on. You could really mess them us this summer. Do you have any female friends that enjoy topless sunbathing? I believe it's still legal. It would certainly be my idea of the neighbours from hell

giovanna_p said...

I love your pics! Re: your neighbours, shouldn't you return the cigarettes butts, with a note saying that since nobody in your household smokes, they are certainly not yours and next time she leaves something like that on your porch, you will dump it in her yard? It's not like you're spoiling a heavenly neighborly relationship!!! Ah!