Saturday, July 25, 2009

We All Survived

I'm happy to report that we're all moved in to to our new ('s new to me) house. David and I haven't killed each are still alive too. We survived.

I really must be addicted to blogging, because as soon at the internet was up, I'm here typing to you. Unfortunately, I can't upload pictures because so many things are still packed.

We had our "First Barf" and "First Poop" in the house...both from Maggie the dog. Poor little old dog was very upset about the move. Of course, it rained complete with thunder and lightening. She was scared to death and despite all of our reassurances she had some tummy problems.

The cats are doing well. There's been some tense moments as the cats reacquainted themselves. It's like they all have to restablish who is the alpha cat, etc. Lots of hissing, growling, overall ugliness, and slithering around.

You may have wondered why I haven't mentioned the cat den that I've been so excited about in recent posts. The Cat Den is up and running, but the weather has been too crummy for the cats to thoroughly enjoy it. I'd like to do a whole separate post on it, complete with pictures. :)

For now....I have lots of unpacking to do and lots to be grateful for.

I'm only sorry that I'm too tired to enjoy the moment....


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


Woo know woo are addikhted to blogging when.....



Debbie said...

I have missed your blogs!!
Glad to hear everything went fairly well.
Your guys are going to love the cat den !!I think tomorrow might be the day they get to venture out.
Will be waiting for pic's :)

Anonymous said...

How nice of Maggie to christen the new house right away. Now it is truly your home. Can't wait to see the pictures of the cat's den. Congratulations.