Thursday, July 16, 2009

Seven Days...and Counting...

It's one week until the official move-in date of my new house. We have professional movers and packers coming, but because the packers charge $190.00 per hour(!!!) we're packing some things to save ourselves a little bit of money for my new Cat Den that's going to be built the first day we arrive. Seriously, I'm more excited about this thing than I am the new house! Take a peek: Cat Den . Soooo...I have to pack some boxes to help pay for the new cat play thingy....((**Shrug**)) It's going to be HUGE - 8 feet width X 19 feet in length X almost 6 feet tall!

With all the boxes around the house, it a freakin' playground for the cats. There's a cat asleep on most of the boxes and few have already been pee'd on. *sigh*

I did my last rescue before the move a few days ago. I rescued a butterball orange guy named "Hagen" and a very cute grey and white girl named "Sarah". It seemed weird only taking two cats, but adoptions are so slow this time of year and foster homes are asking for cats to be moved for various reasons.

David and I did "Cat Delivery" last night. It was a beautiful night and driving into the city was extra pleasant. Nobody pooped in their crates and despite "Chirp's" constant protests about being in the car, everything went fine. :)

Bloggin' is going to be rather boring over the next week or two. I won't be rescuing and it hurts to think of the cats that will die because I can't be there to help.


Anonymous said...

I got a Cats Den enclosure in the spring (well 3 of them actually) and they were done very quickly and are so amazing. It is like adding more square feet to your house. It even has made my cats that don't get along, friends again. I also got some of those hammocks and they really like to sleep in those. My very feral cat is out there all the time, it is nice to see her so happy enjoying the outdoors. I also put a bird bath and bird feeders on the other side of the enclosures for them to be even more entertained. I was the same as you, it felt like the night before Christmas when you were a kid before Kris shows up to do the installation! Don't worry within a few days your cats will enjoy it just as much as you. Hopefully you can post some pics when it is finished.

RHz said...

Good luck on your move, and remember that everything happens for a reason.
And, awesome on the cat den. I'm jealous!

raina said...

I remember seeing one of these in my pet food store and was amazed, I didnt know you could buy them!! (I assumed they'd made it themselves) I hope you share pictures when it's completed.
Good luck on the move :)

tally oh said...

Remind me to get into the house packing business!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Good luck on the move. This is my first visit so I read several of your posts. It's hard to read them. I used to take photos of shelter animals, knowing most of them would end up dead. And our small county shelter is not rescue friendly, so you couldn't exist here. But I'm glad you do exist. And more like you. I don't understand the callous mindset of so many.

Snowy and Crystal said...

Hello, nice to meet you

we want to wish you luck on your move ..

we admire your work in rescuing the kitties in need *all paws up for you* .. it is just so sad to see them suffer :(

Maltese Paws


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,
Good luck on your move. It will be chaotic but you'll get through it and think, "i'm never gonna move EVER again!" I love the cat den, I'm in a one bedroom condo with a mamma cat from TCR and her 5 babies and a dachshund so things are tight I would love a cat den for the balcony so I could stick the litter box out there!