Sunday, July 12, 2009

Even Though It Hurts...

I hate it when Kim from the shelter is on holidays all week. She's the one that tells me which cats are marked for euthanasia and is able to tell me about their personalities. Don't get me wrong - there are other dedicated people at the shelter that help me too! But Kim is the only one that I can call at 10:00 pm and ask her to take somebody off the euthanasia list for the next day.

My favourite pair of human sisters took the long trek to the shelter today to rescue "Noodle" for me. They had never been there before and traffic was horrible. The shelter was already closed by the time they arrived. Fortunately, they're resourceful gals - and they ended up finding someone to let them in so they could complete the rescue.

Unfortunately, because the shelter was already closed, the cages were marked (for euthanasia) for the next morning.

I could hear the desperation in their voices when they called me from the shelter. I knew how they felt, as I had been there so many times before. Walking the cages...seeing the cat's faces with the fucking "X" on the front of the cages. How I've learned to hate that letter. Many of the cats are eating their last meal for the night, or grooming themselves for families that will never come back to save them.

The ladies came home with Noodle and another buff coloured guy. I'm not sure who this fortunate buff coloured gent is, but I know that his cage was marked with the "X". He's a very lucky cat whomever he is.

Thank you Alison and Jennifer for going out there today. Noodle thanks you too:

I know Alison and Jennifer will go to bed tonight thinking about the cats they left behind.

I also know that there are two cats tonight that will go to sleep tonight being spoiled rotten by these two kind women who took time away from their beautiful Sunday to put their hearts on the line.

Many thank you's to ALL of you who put their hearts on the line every day to help.


ctinz said...

That is absolutely brutal. UGH. Thinking about it is legitimately nauseating =(. I guess we can't save them all...but I'd really rather that we could.

P.S Awww Noodle! What a gangly little weirdo! I love cats in the "awkward teen" phase. Precious.

Anonymous said...

I wuv Noodle :) He is a super charmer is he!!


tally oh said...

I think it's really true "will go to bed tonight thinking about the cats they left behind".

When we left the shelter yesterday, I was all "that wasn't nearly as bad as I thought!" &I was in pretty high spirits.

Falling asleep is when it really hit me...that's when I started thinking of all the kittens I didn't take. That litter of 9 is so cute...but unreal!

Crystal said...

Such a reality check...It almost makes me "hate people" for what they put those sweet innocent little souls through.

I honestly don't think I ever felt true heartwreching emotion until I started rescuing cats directly from the shelter... and I was never there when the cages where marked. So brave. Thank you all for putting your hearts on the line to save these deserving cats.

Alison said...

Noodle and Mike are doing well. Both are home from the vet and are two of the cuddliest cats I've ever met. Both want to be in your arms at the same time.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this uplifting process. Noodle sends his loudest Reowwww! and Mike, his funny smile with his tongue sticking out.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou ladies for going to the shelter and picking them up. It is NEVER an easy time to go there ESPECIALLY when we have already marked the cats for the following morning's vet day. It TOTALLY sucks but as you saw for yourselves....we get so FULL so FAST and there is NOTHING we can do :(
Thankyou from the bottom of my heart!

Asta said...

Thank you fow all youw wowk
Wescooews awe hewos!
smoochie kisses