Monday, July 27, 2009

Up For Air!

As promised, I'm posting a few pictures of the Cat Den as it was being built. Kris and her husband were wonderful and did a terrific job!

This is the side of our new house and how the cat den is constructed. As you can see, you can stand up in the darn thing and there's a human door too!
The shelves are pretty neat!

This is Kris installing the Plexiglass window on the right so the cats can freely come in and out. So far, nobody is "freely" coming in and out - I'm having to play doorman. I hope they get the concept soon!

My plan is to put cat-friendly plants in there, hammocks, small trees to scratch, etc. to make it more fun. I never thought decorating for a cat den would be so much fun :)

On a sour note, we had an immediate incident with the new neighbours (not the pet friendly neighbours) as the cat den was being installed. When I worked with Kris (and our real estate agent) I worked very hard to insure that the cat den wouldn't be intrusive to our neighbours or even be really that visible to them. Our new neighbours crapped their pants over the cat den. Within 3 minutes they announced that they don't like animals, poison squirrels, and were calling the municipality to see what their rights are about this cat den.

What kind of people poison squirrels - not to mention tell someone they don't know in the first 3 minutes of conversation?

It's hard to believe this benign looking retired british couple could be so hideous, but they were. Moving day, I was in tears. They really took the joy out of the whole experience for me. I hope I didn't move next door to the neighbours from hell - but it's not looking good.

On a happy note: I was told we rescued 18 cats while I was on moving sabatical! Such happy news :) Thank you David S. for making this rescue possible!


Anonymous said...

The Cats Den looks wonderful! I have to say after the 3 that I got installed in the spring, only 1 (out of many) of the cats has figured out how to use the door. I have to leave them proped open all the time. I have come home to find that the door has shut and 1 -2 cats are still outside standing on the other side of the swinging door saying: "Hello!!! we are out here!!! lets us in!" I am pretty convinced no one will figure out how to use the doors, ever!

Wow, your neighbours sound like a real piece of work. I hope that they don't cause too many problems for you. Although if you are poisioning squirrels than there is definitely something wrong with you (says the person who feeds them!)

Windelynn said...

Im sorry to hear your new neighbors are such A-holes!
They sound like stuffy people!
Pay no mind to them, i hope they come around. I love the new kitty den! It looks soo cool!

Smartypants said...

I don't understand - the den is in YOUR back yard, what are they worried about?! I'm so sorry you had to deal with those awful people on your moving day, but here's hoping they don't come out of the house very often. Who would say those things?

On a more positive note, the cat den is fabulous!

Jezika said...

They're making us British people look bad. How awful that they think they should have a say in what you choose to do on YOUR property. It's like telling someone you don't like kids so they shouldn't let their child run around in their own yard. And we all know kids are louder than cats anyway.

RHz said...

It looks awesome. I'm still jealous.

And, concerning your neighbors, be sweet as pie to them at all times. The kinder you are, the harder it will be for them to be jerks.

Or, you could just put a flaming bag of poop on their porch.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Beth maybe the new neighbours have had bad experiences in the past with other neighbour's pets, I'm sure once they figure out how great you are they will be fine. Also point out to them that the Cat Den prevents your cats from pooping in their yard! You are the responsible neighbour!

Anonymous said...

The den is on your property...those people should really pull the sticks out of their arse. Its not like you're bringing in farm animals to stink up the block.

Maybe they just need to realize how cool you are. However, what business is theirs to snoop at your property as you move in and set it up??? The cat den is on your property...FENCED property, might I add!! They need to keep their noses on their side of the fence and stop peeking and snooping on you.

I love the cat den, looks great, don't pay attention to the intolerance of those people. If you see any poisoned squirrels or animals, feel free to call the police (there ARE charges for that...and if they are poisoning wildlife they don't have many "rights" to protect themselves. :) ). What goes around.....

Beth said...

Oh boy. Welcome to life in the City (proper), Beth!! When we moved to the High Park area, although we love our house, we quickly came to hate our neighbors. The day after we moved, the "dear sweet old lady" (the prior house owner's description) next door called the police on us to try to stop the installers from putting in an air conditioner - on OUR OWN property. She said it would "disturb her peace & quiet". Such are the joys of high-density living.

I hope yours evens out.. just be your nice sweet self, and they should ease up.

- Beth (adoptive mother of Vince aka Pacey)

Anonymous said...

If they poison squirrels it's probably not a stretch for them to poison cats by throwing something tainted into the den. I would be very careful if I were you Beth, they sound awful. I am always suspicious of people who don't like animals, but fingers crossed that things work out for you and the kitties!

Roaming Tigress said...

I would have those people reported. Disgusting how many sick people there are out there :(

Anonymous said...

I would recommend that you go *on record* to the local police that you believe your pets were indirectly threatened by your neighbor - that they indicated that they hate animals and poison them. (The poisoning squirrels might well be a legal issue to begin with, though I'm not certain). Just make sure that you have it *on file* that they obliquely threatened your pets. This way, you have a paper trail of sorts if anything at all - doGs forbid!) should happen. (Oh, and put a lock on the cat house's door!) Chances are, the neighbors will simmer down once they realize that the cats are enclosed and thus not digging up their roses, etc, but it can't hurt to make sure your butt is covered a bit.

Anonymous said...

That's absolutely true. You can report and request no action be taken but that a report be made just for file purposes if you don't want them to know, but having something like that isn't a bad idea if you are concerned for your animals' wellbeing. I hate people that hate animals.

House of the Discarded said...

Those are really good suggestions! I hadn't thought about a police report!

Thank you so much :)


Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but be really careful that they don't move from poisoning the squirrels to poisoning your cats. The cat den is a mesh, and they could easily drop something into it that is tasty but covered with poinson.

It happened to our old dog, it could happen to your cats. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I wouldn't trust them not to do it.

JOanne said...

Call zoning or building standards and see if the cat den is in any way considered a "structure". If not, and it in no way encroaches on their property (which it doesn't), tell them to take a flying wazoo. Do not take their crap from the get go. If they get away with this, it will just be the start of a whole load of crap and bs.