Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Bit Weary

I've been way busier than I like to be for the past few days. Normally, I'd say it was a GREAT kind of busy - two trips to the shelter and another tomorrow. But with my pending move in 2 weeks, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I woke up this morning to my email being down. Technology and I are not friends. Hitting the "Enter" button 20 times in a row didn't seem to bring the server back up, so I called my husband at work (aka: Home Tech Support) to cry (aka "Complain") and ask (aka "beg") for help . After a short temper tantrum, I had a moment of calm and complete clarity:

"No Email. I didn't have to check email today!" I was suddenly free and relaxed to enjoy the large rescue that I had put together. I managed to rescue more than 20 cats this week (I'm too tired to count tonight.) :)

The smile for the day is a big boy named "Kitty" that I recently rescued. He was left at the shelter because his family moved away and left him. He was placed into a wonderful foster home who has loved him as her own:
"Kitty" before....
"Kitty" after...look what 2 weeks of love can do!

Tomorrow should be a much easier day. I have so many things I'd like to share on this blog, but time hasn't been kind to me lately. To give you an idea, I actually had people calling me last night at 10: 30, 11:45 and MIDNIGHT to see about rescuing cats. No, I didn't answer the phone, but I'm incredulous that someone would think I would want to talk intelligently about cat rescue at midnight.

Speaking of "intelligence"....I just reread this post. I'm certain a Grade 3 student could write something more interesting than I did tonight. It's 9:45 pm...I'm pushing the "Publish" button on this post and heading off to bed.

I hope I dream about something other than cat rescue tonight, but I doubt it. :)


tally oh said...

You did amazing work today...Pearl & Simon, omg!!

Anonymous said...

Does that mean that Simon got rescued?

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: Simon was rescued yesterday and is safe and sound in his foster home! :)

tally oh said...

Hehe, sorry, I saw him in his crate yesterday looking like an absolute sweetheart. When I saw the itinerary for cats to pick up at the vet and saw Simon's name *and* Pearl's I think I yelled out loud "SIMON?! OMG AND PEARL?!!?".