Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Happy Place

Don't laugh. But the only thing that is keeping me from going crazy with this move is my future new Cat Den that will be built in the new house. I keep the brochure in my purse and keep looking at the pictures. It's become my "happy place" amidst chaos.

I wrote on my Facebook page that "Marital Bliss" is NOT synonymous with "Moving". That was an understatement. We think so differently about organizing. He's worried about recycling a piece of cardboard the size of matchbook and I'm taking out the junk drawer in the kitchen and dumping it in the garbage can.

Must. Kill. Husband.

We moved a bunch of furniture into storage today for my son who is taking the "old stuff" for his apartment next month. All weekend people showed up as I put freebies on Craigslist. (Note to self: NEVER EVER put free crap on Craigslist again) The house is looking rather bleak and the cats are scurrying around trying to find spots to nap.

I feel extra sorry for my little tabby Thomas Turner. He's kind of a sensitive guy and was abandoned in an apartment when his family moved away and left him. He's been acting so strange today - following us around, purring, and looking very insecure. My poor little man! How can I explain to him that I won't leave him?

The worst moment of the day was moving a large bookcase to find a piece of petrified cat poop under it. My God. How long had it been there and how could I have not noticed a piece of cat CRAP in my living room??? How did a cat squat under a bookcase???

The packers come Wednesday, the movers load the truck on Thursday and they unload on Friday in the new house. It takes 3 days to move all my stuff even though I've given half of it away. David, the boys and I are going to a hotel Wednesday and Thursday night which should set the cats and dog into a fit of insecurity being in an empty house.

Sounds silly, but I hate sleeping without my cats. What will my Newman do without her Mommy and "binkie" to sleep with at night for two days in an empty house?

Despite the chaos around the house, I keep thinking about the cats at the shelter. They aren't far from my heart as I can't rescue right now. I think the rescue I volunteer with is relieved to have a few weeks off as they organize and get some money in the pipeline. The summer months are notoriously slow for adoptions and money flow. When I bring in 25+ cats per week it really takes it's toll on an already burdened rescue.

Anyhooo....We're all surviving despite my bitchin'. I've really appreciated the support from my friends in rescue offering to help with driving and phone calls while I'm otherwise occupied. Funny...but I don't remember moving being so difficult or me being so whiny about it!

I'm leaving now for my "Happy Place":

Ahhh....better. :)


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Is that an enclosed outdoor catwalk? That is neat.

Moving is no fun. We think you're possibly "whining" because you are more worried about the cats you aren't rescuing than you are about moving. But you have to take care of yourself and your family too. There is only so much one person can do. You are fortunate to have some folks who are doing their best to step in for you, though.

Rescue is very hard, especially emotionally. So if you're doing rescue, moving is probably a "vacation" for you. Take some time to relax and cuddle with your cats when you can.

RHz said...

I totally do not envy you one bit right now. I dread the day I have to pack up and move.

I also think maybe we have brother or sister cats... I've found petrified poop in the weirdest spots, too. How they manage to get under the places they do, still amazes me.

Good luck, Beth!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I had to laugh out loud when I read about petrified poop under the bookcase! I've found dried hairballs in the strangest places too. My 4 kitties and I have a move scheduled 6 months from now into a condo - I totally want to hook us up with a fancy balcony cat den now!!

Shannon said...

I'm moving in September and have gotten an early start with the packing starting several weeks ago. One of my three of cats (all of whom are rescuses) spent the first several days of quickly filling boxes in a state of anxiety. I felt so bad for the little guy.

In hindsite, he may have been doing it for the extra playtime, head scratches and treats that he guilted me into.

Good luck with the move!