Thursday, April 05, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm happy to report that we were back to the shelter today to do a rescue.  We left with a 4 month old recently spayed girl and a 5 month old rowdy little teenager boy.  :)  With all that has been going on lately with me personally, it's been nice to do some normal things.

I've reported the need for normalcy so many times in this blog.  Doing laundry felt GOOD today.  I hadn't completed one load of laundry since my return from California.  Living in a seemingly sterile house that's ready to show to a prospective buyer at a moment's notice is anything BUT normal.  I yelled at David yesterday morning because he accidently flicked some soap on the washroom mirror. 

"I suppose *I* have to clean that up now.  THANKS for giving me something ELSE to do today!"

Yeah.  It wasn't one of my best marital moments.

There was another older kitten at the shelter today that was on my mind long after I left.  I made a few phone calls when I got home and one of my favourite volunteer drivers said, "SURE!  I'll drive back to the shelter (even though she was there yesterday) and drive into the city with the cat to his foster home." 

Many thank you's to this fabulous volunteer driver AND to the awesome foster parent who made my life much easier today.  I'm now minus the guilt that I didn't take that little guy in the first place! 

The same foster Mom who is taking the teenager kitten tonight, also emailed me about a declawed guy on the website.  She's taking him too!  Poor guy is a FOUR PAW declaw.  I'm so disgusted by that.  What greedy bastard of a vet thinks it's OK to amputate the toes on all four feet of a cat?

Tomorrow is Good Friday - a very quiet and thoughtful day for Christian religions.  All I can think of is that I'm glad I don't have to cook and nobody will be coming to see the house on a holiday.  Shameful. 

I'm going to concentrate on the fact that 4 little souls are out of the shelter this afternoon and have a better chance at adoption and a wonderful life.  Right now, that's what I'm holding on to...(that, and not having to cook dinner sounds pretty nice)


Fuzzy Tales said...

The thought of any declawing sends shudders through me--I can't understand why it's not outlawed in Canada yet, when it is in some other parts of the world. Never mind the greed factor. Well, I suppose that's a big deal for a lot of vets, but I would think it's contrary to a vet's mandate/oath/whatever they take.

Anyway, hurrah for the four who were rescued.

I hope you have a *good* Easter weekend, Beth.

Random Felines said...

we will never understand why vets do it...sure, they have clients with demands, but I am amazed at how many people I have talked out of it.... not to mention, I don't understand the need to do it in the first place.

YEAH for the saves (and the not cooking - haha)!

Random Felines said...

you are NEVER too old for ink!!! :) Though from what the artist told me, you are also never too old to be afraid of what your parents are going to do about it.