Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Keeping it Simple

I had a moment of panic this morning as the first phone call of the day was at 7:30 am from Tilt's new Mom that adopted her on Sunday. Apparently, Tilt LOVES her 1 year old Yorkie, but the feeling isn't (yet) mutual.   What a lovely lady!  I wish every adopt could be like her.  Her Yorkie wasn't happy with the new family addition.  However, they slept on the bed together, were playing and chasing each other, and even greeted her at the door together.  The only challenge is that the Yorkie will only eat if coaxed by being fed with a spoon.  (Sorry...I shouldn't laugh) 

If I had a nickel for every phone call I received like this one, I could probably build my own shelter.  I spent quite a bit of time with the adopter on the phone and I think we've got a good handle on working with the Yorkie.  Fingers are crossed that Tilt doesn't come back.  This lady sounds wonderful and introducing new pets to each other is always stressful.  She already named her "Pip" which is FAR more respectful for our head tilt girl than "Tilt".  :)

I had hoped to get out to the shelter today, but a house showing came up this afternoon.  I worked for hours to get my house ready, make it look like I have NO pets, load the cats and 14 year old dog into the car only to see the buyer pull up into the driveway and leave without going into the house.  I completely fell apart and started to cry.  Argh.

At least "Maggie" had fun:

Oh well.  My house is clean and I've announced that I'm too traumatized to cook dinner tonight. :)

Tomorrow should be a busy rescue day.  These rescue days are the only time I'm ever really involved with the cats.  The rest of the time it's all about administration and putting out "fires" for the rescue.  It's silly to think that as the Director of a rescue how little I really work with the cats that I rescue!! 

Speaking of "not working with the cats..." I really miss  fostering right now!  Somebody called me about a 16 week old tabby kitten needing placement and I was DYING to take him to my house.  But I can't take in any more cats until my house is sold.  Sheesh...I'm tired of that phrase;  "not until my house is sold..."

I'm very aware that my blog posts lately have been rather...um...benign.  I have all kinds of things I'd love to vent about but they might be rather controversial and I'm just not up for the harrassment that I might get if some don't agree with me.  You wouldn't believe the comments that I DON'T publish.  I always want to say, "HEY...this isn't CNN...it's just a blog about rescuing cats for God's sake."

Sooooo....I think I'll just keep it simple for now.  :)


Meaghan said...

I love Tilt's new name. I always like it when the new nake sounds a little simiar to the old one... easier for the kitty to recognise :)

Eugh... SElling a house is dreadful. When my parents moved, we all thought the staging lady was ridiculous. We even had to hide our garbage cans before a showing! I've got my fingers crossed for you that you get some good offers, and fast!

Anonymous said...

16 weeker needs placement? Hmmm. ;)

You need to book yourself a spa day. You deserve it!


Rivi said...

Dear Beth,

I had more email problems but they're straightened out now.

We sold a house in Winnipeg in July 2010 AFTER reconstructing and renovating top to bottom, and we were getting desperate.

So I can empathize with any breakdowns you have; I had them myself when our freshly renovated and painted house wasn't selling - and we had no pets!

So cry, scream and rant at God as much as you need to - it's very effective when you're in the car, alone, in a parking lot, before you start driving!

I understand the urge to kill the inconsiderate no-shows, after you've cleaned the house for hours on end, and in your case, remove the pets.

As you say, at least Maggie enjoyed the ride. Caterng to her every whim is good for both of your souls right now.

I left a message for you.

Emsworth Girl said...

Dear Beth,

moving house is one of the three most stressful things of life plus yer a mom, wife, runner of cat rescue, chauffer, dog owner, cook, homemaker, administrative worker, phone operator and councellor...hmph...i grant you coupons to cry, scream, drink coffee, tell someone to FO, laugh loudly, dance, howl at the moon, drink wine.....get hugs from your family. praying for your strength...and sell of your home....

Caroline said...

I don't understand why the buyer wouldn't come in and have a look around, if they drove all that way... as for the Yorkie, I know about neurotic eaters, my dachshund rescue will only eat if I am there and no one else is. I have to be sitting at the dining table and pretend that I am eating and I have to make sure I have already taken my shoes off so that he knows that I am staying for a while. I can't get up until he is finished or he'll stop eating and sit on the couch. When he is being babysat elsewhere he will starve himself as long as possible and then only eat at night once the sitter is in bed. To get him to go outside to go potty I have to clap my hands and chant his name!
When I have foster cats I put them in a cage or the bedroom when he is eating.