Thursday, April 26, 2012

Coming Clean

Today was supposed to be a relaxing 4 hours at the salon - hair, waxing, and nails.  Since the invention of cell phones, I never quite get away from it all as my phone never stops ringing.  Such as life in rescue, right?

I drove 20 minutes this morning before my appointment to pick up a couple of kittens from a foster parent and ended up stopping for gas right across the street from a Maple Leaf Farms slaughter house.  As I stood there with the gas nozzle in my hand, I avoided eye contact with the building itself.  It wasn't until I heard the loud hiss of breaks that I looked up and saw the little faces...

Pigs.  Lots of sweet little pigs crammed into a truck and arriving at the slaughter house.  I felt my face flush with anger, guilt and shame as I tried to look away from their pink noses sticking out of the holes.  I was a vegetarian for years until I became ill and felt the need to go back to eating meat.  It's so easy to buy meat at the supermarket and forget how it comes into the store.  I stood there practically begging my gas tank to finish filling so I could flee the area. 

It wasn't a proud moment for this self-proclaimed animal lover.  How I hate being slapped in the face with this kind of reality.

Sadly, it looks like our girl Tilt is coming back.  I received a voicemail message while I was still at the hair salon.  Apparently, the resident yorkie is traumatized by her presence.  Blah.  I understand, but poor Tilt was really happy with them.  She needs to be in a foster home soon.  I think she'll end up getting very depressed at Petsmart again.

Wow.  This is an uplifting blog post, eh? 

I'm getting very busy with the end of the month looming and a new month beginning.  Lots to do and juggling of cats.  David leaves tomorrow morning for The Canadian Bridge Championships in Montreal for a week.  (aka:  "Geekfest 2012")  I love the man dearly, but it's nice when he's away.  Cereal for dinner and I don't plan on shaving my legs for the entire week.  (Too much information?) 

Tomorrow?  A *second* showing of our house.  Lord, I hope this thing sells.  :)


Anonymous said...

I sympathize greatly on the vegetarian front. When I was 17, I went vegetarian and got really sick. I saw a doctor who told me to eat meat and get over it.

I refused. I ate a bit of meat to get me over the hump while I did A LOT of reading about what a body needs. It took a while to get things settled, but I did it, and I've been a vegetarian for 12 years now. It's a lot of work and trial and error to figure out what your body specifically gets from meat and where else you can get it, but it can be done.

And now when I look at those pigs in trucks, I still feel rage at the injustice, but no guilt.

Here's hoping my switch to being vegan doesn't take four years!

Emsworth Girl said...

beth if tilt comes back call me she can come to the house of grey for fostering

Rhonda said...

Poor Tilt! I wish I could adopt her - she looks like a slimmer version of my 20+ lb. gray and white guy cat. It's a shame the Yorkie has problems with Tilt's presence. But I wonder if it just needs more time. I think dogs need assurance that they are still No. 1 in the human's universe, and maybe the adopter was making a fuss over the cat and ignoring the dog? The Yorkie might feel the cat was taking its place in the lady's affections, and resents the cat. Anyway, it's a shame. I hope you can find a good home for Tilt. Give her some lovin' from me!

Caroline said...

Wow 4 hours at the spa, lucky you. I go to one for my eyebrows and lip and I find it so relaxing the first few minutes before they apply the wax and rip it off! lol

Emsworth girl, I hope Beth takes you up on your offer. And I make cards too!

Anonymous said...

"eat to live" by dr. Joel fuhrman. Can't recommend it enough re: nutrition


shannon said...

i would have gone over there and smacked the driver of that truck and wrote a few choice words on the slaughterhouse..and freed the pigs if i could. its horrible.