Friday, April 20, 2012

Stressful Week Wind Down

The stress of the week has really taken it's toll.  I find myself hanging on to all the garbage coming my way rather than holding on to the good.  This always happens the most when I'm stressed.

I'd like to know why an adopter feels that they can take a cat to the vets for deworming a month AFTER adoption and feel like the rescue should pay for it.  Then when I politely tell them "no", they tell me "F*ck you" and hang up.  I've been hung up on 3 times this week and I'm really becoming worn down with it all. 

Who says "F*ck you" to an unpaid volunteer that rescues animals?   Seriously, what kind of person does that?

I know it's not just me.  I've heard other people say the same thing about dealing with people.  When you deal with the public, you're bound to get some doozies.  Fortunately, the lovely, wonderful committed adopters outweigh the trash.

The foster Mom for our little Tattoo tells me he isn't doing well. He's becoming quiet and less playful.

There isn't much we can do for this little man, but he's in very very capable hands.  I wish I hadn't gotten so attached.  But how do you separate yourself emotionally from a little guy like that?  He's truly special and I pray he makes it. 

(Note at 8:00 pm Friday:  Tattoo passed away.  Many hugs to Shelley who gave him a chance and showed him the only love he's known)

After this week, I'm glad to see Friday coming.  Although I remind myself that I have a 7 day a week volunteer job and Friday doesn't have the same meaning as it does for most people.  I wonder if the people who told me "F*ck you" realize that?

Cheers to Friday.


Fuzzy Tales said...

I would worry about the care any cat is getting from a human who feels it's okay to treat you that way. :-(

As for little Tattoo...There's not much I can say, except we're sending up "purrayers" here for his Highest Good, whatever that might be.

Sending Light and hugs.

Random Felines said...

those doofuses must be related to the ones near us. the shelter had to have a locked bin brought in for the recycled aluminum cans cause someone kept stealing them from the back of the shelter. someone put up a sign "we can no longer accept cans since someone keeps stealing them. if it is you, really, who steals from a non profit animal shelter?" Just sad that people don't take responsibility for themselves... and I completely get it after a week of dealing with clients at work.

~*Connie*~ said...

oh no! not Tattoo!! I so hope this is very temporary and he's back on his paws right quick.

The shelter I volunteer with got to the point (dealing with similar things) that they now point out everything they did do, and make people sign a waver saying that anything after this point is the responsibility of the owner. They emphasize URI, but they do cover it all. Granted there are things that you can't foresee and they do make exceptions, but the waver covers most cases.

Sarah said...

oh Beth (and Shelley) I am so sorry to hear about little Tattoo's passing. He had a wonderful short little life thanks to all of you, imagine him passing away under a deck somewhere all alone, cold and hungry. Life sucks sometimes, and I would like to say "f*ck you" to it at times. But we carry on, because lets just face it some people are idiots, thankfully we are not.

Devon said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about Tattoo! Poor little guy, I'm just thankful he wasn't cold, hungry and lonely at his time.

And those rude people...don't those people understand adopting a cat comes with vet bills? It baffles me how they think saying something like that to ANYONE is ok.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about little Tattoo. Bless you Shelley for loving him.


Caroline said...

Oh poor little tattoo, ignore the rude caller, they are just frustrated.

Anonymous said...

Sucks to hear the bad news about Tattoo. Thanks to Shelley for taking care of him.
I work with the public on a daily basis and know firsthand how rude ppl can be for no reason at all.
- Jan