Monday, April 16, 2012

A Quiet Monday

It's been a quiet Monday.  I had planned on doing so much today, but feel a little paralyzed and wanting to stay close to home.  So I've declared  it a "Rescue Admin" day and hope that pushing all my rescue plans for tomorrow doesn't come back to haunt me. 

The highlight of the day was when an adopter called in to tell me that she named her new kitten "Poop Licker".  I'm all for funny, creative names...but POOP LICKER?  I had to share the wealth on Facebook and posted that as my recent status update.  I figure anybody who names their kitten Poop Licker won't be offended by this blog post. :)  As long as he has a loving home that's forever....I don't care what they name their kitten. 

I've been working on some strategic placement of cats.  We have a couple of adults in Petsmart who need to go back into foster homes.  I don't believe in allowing adult cats to sit in a Petsmart cage for much more than one week.  It seems cruel to leave them sitting there any longer - regardless of how many comfy blankets you put in. 

A foster Mom sent me a fascinating picture yesterday.  She has two kittens from two different litters.  BOTH of them are (Verified) EIGHT weeks old:

The size difference is amazing, eh?  It's one of the reasons I'm so appreciative of foster parents of kittens - there are so many things that can go wrong with these little guys.  While I was on the phone with a foster parent yesterday, she discovered one of her young kittens had died in the night.  *sigh*  Nothing she did wrong - just one of those awful things.

I'm praying for no house showings tomorrow.  I've really messed up by planning a quiet day today.  Tomorrow is going to be crazy.  The thunderstorms are about to begin as I type this and am anxious to cozy into my afternoon and enjoy the show from Mother Nature. 


Deb said...

That is quite incredible. Good health means everything for these wee gaffers. We are expecting a big storm too so I have to stay home and sit with our narotic dog. :(

House of the Discarded said...

Deb: I know...I know...our Maggie is narotic about t-storms too.


Caroline said...

OMC I love the big and small kitty photo, they are so cute! What a brave foster mom having 2 litters!