Monday, April 02, 2012

Back Into Reality

It's strange when your daughter goes from living in a "girlie" apartment to her "big girl townhome" with fiance` in tow.  I still think of her as a 16 year old cheerleader.  I suppose my parents feel the same way about me.   David and I stayed in her guest room and I found myself waiting for a cat to jump up on me.  Fortunately, there was "Meatball" their 22 pound French Bulldog. 

I can't imagine going anywhere unless there's a cat or dog in the house.  I need something furry to kiss and David doesn't count.

As usual, we had some minor chaos with the rescue while I was away, but our volunteers were AWESOME and handled things beautifully.  Why do I even waste the time worrying?   David usually complains about the roaming charges on my cell phone while we're out of town , so I decided to text our volunteers with questions, etc.  I must've sent 100+ texts over the course of the 4 days only to find out that there are "roaming text charges" of $1.75 EACH.  (Sorry, you!)

It's been Maternity City for us.  All of our little pregnant Moms seem to have given birth all at the same time.  The photo ops are priceless:

It's hard to believe when I first started rescuing and fostering, that all I did was bottlefeed kittens and do maternity care.  Now I look at these little guys and feel tired.   :)  Being a Grandma looks good on me.  Hahahhaa!

I think I'm caught up with my rescue work for a few moments.  The photographer is coming to take pictures of my house and a "For Sale" sign is going up in the yard in about 30 minutes.  I feel like I need to be sad about selling this house, but I never bonded with it.  I can hardly wait to move on to the next step in life's adventure.  (Too corny?  Maybe.) 


Caroline said...

I hope you do bond with your next house, sometimes houses aren't always what they first appear. I wish you could live in them for 3 days before deciding to buy. That poor momma cat is stretched rather awkward, do her kids always stand up to drink at the milk bar?

Sarah said...

Did they make you remove the Cat Den? more importantly have you arranged for the new one yet?? LOL.

Emsworth Girl said...

the volunteers were awesome that i had to deal with while adopting out while yer away....adoptees were also complimenting the people and the whole operation !! yeah us!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Yes, seeing your child as a grown up is a weird feeling. I remember when the oldest went off to college, the first time she came back and we picked her up at the airport I remember seeing her from the back and thinking "that's a lovely woman, she sure knows how to dress", then my child turned around and all the air went out of little girl was that lovely woman!

Anonymous said...

Momma likes to roll on her back when someone comes to visit. She kind of pulls the kittens up with her.
Two tabby boys, one b/w boy, two tabby/white girls.

Anonymous said...

Guess you know what to give them for a house warming present... a hand picked pair of Turner tabbies! Shermanator + one. Just tell them every pup deserves a pair of furballs!

Harpurr's Mom