Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Frustrating Day

I hadn't been to the "high kill" shelter in weeks and decided to make the trek out there today to rescue one or two cats in particular.  One of the cats had been rescued an hour earlier and they killed the other one this morning.  It's so sad and discouraging.  Of course, I'm happy for the cat that was already rescued, but it's paralyzing when I missed the other by a matter of a few hours. 

I left the shelter with a horrific anxious feeling.  I always get that way when I (erroneously) feel responsible for the death of a cat.  I could feel it wash over me like a wave of jittery grief.  I feel like I'm beating myself over the head over and over again any time I go into that shelter. 

I stopped by our Petsmart Adoption Centre to place several adult cats in the store.  The adoption area looked awesome (as usual) and there were SIX adoptions last night and one in the process when I arrived!  I'm hoping this pair of bonded adults have a better chance at being adopted there.  They had quite a few adoption calls from our website, but the former foster parents weren't attentive about calling people back and they had lost several adoption opportunities.  That's so frustrating. 

It looks like rain and as it darkens outside, so does my mood inside.  I hurt my back today for no apparent reason, but I'm sure it has to do with hoisting cats in and out of cat carriers as I'm trying to remove them from the house in order to sell it.  I'll have to be more careful or I'll end up being completely incapacitated. 

So much for a cheery blogpost!  :)  Tomorrow will be better.  It always is.

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Caroline said...

Beth, I hope today is better for you, did you rescue 2 other cats instead? If you're not having an open house, it's a nice day for your kitties to be in their cat den making the neighbour cat jealous.