Monday, April 23, 2012

Crawling Out

If life isn't stressful enough, I sit down to write in my blog this afternoon to find that Blogger has changed the entire format and layout of how I write in my blog.  I shouldn't be such an ol' fuddy-duddy, but I really do enjoy a predictable life sometimes. 

The self-indulgent pity party that I've been having for the past week seemed to spill over into the weekend.  I went to bed last night in a huff with David.  I jerked the covers off of him and rolled over and as I gave a stern, "FINE!" I realized that I really need to crawl out of this emotional hole before I begin another week of complete madness. 

So I woke this morning deciding that today would be a normal, happy day and took some deep breaths.

The adoptions this month have been amazing and even the shelter's rowdy girl "Tilt" was adopted today:

This little cat was SOOOOO rowdy that I was beginning to wonder if I made a mistake in putting her in a Petsmart store. But a family came in today to adopt two kittens and left with Tilt instead!

I was back at the shelter today and put two "teenager" cats on hold to be rescued this evening.  Looks like with the recent adoptions, I'll be back there again tomorrow! 

It was a rainy Monday, but it was anything BUT depressing or blue.  As usual, these funks pass and I'm back on top again.  Looks like I have some making up to do with my sweetheart....:)

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Anonymous said...

Life is kind of like that - a roller coaster ride. First you are up then you are down. You've had more than enough shit going on lately for a massive down. How very lucky you are to have a guy like David in your life. Eventually you will return to your natural set point which thank your lucky stars is high on optimism.

Thinking about you and your pup - virtual hugs.

Harpurr's Mom