Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Meaty Part of the Summer

We've had quite a few foster home related emergencies lately.  I've been busy shuffling and juggling cats around.  It's my opinion that the way a rescue handles these situations relays to the volunteers the quality of the rescue in which they volunteer their time.  I really and truly do my best to handle emergency situations the way *I* would want to be treated.  "You're important to the rescue."  As the meaty part of the summer begins, I begin to worry how quickly I can handle these emergencies.  So far, I'm doing OK, but it's one of the reasons I don't burden the rescue with too many cats.

I ended up dismissing my own rule by having "one too many cats" in my own home.  Those of you who foster know that there's a delicate balance with your own cats.  You know when there is one too many cats in the house.  I figured if I rescued Sherman, I would quickly put him in Petsmart:

Fat chance that Sherman would end up at Petsmart.  He looks like a Turner.  Acts like a Turner and I love him already.  At least I could see him adopted through my own home. 

Needless to say, I've used up my "emergency spot" in my home in the event all hell broke lose with one of the foster families.  Not a good position to be in this time of year. 

But look at that little face.  Could YOU have left him in the shelter?  I didn't think so.  :)

Adoptions are going really well.  I stopped posting kitten adoptions on the rescue's Facebook page.  I had a feeling people were thinking, "Gee. A cute kitten adopted. How *special*."  So instead, I'm posting the adults and young adults.  I'm hoping it'll give some hope to other rescues during this tougher part of the summer. 

I've only been to the shelter once this week, but I'm going tomorrow.  I'll pray for no more emergencies and adoptions continuing.  I'm balancing on one foot right now - luckily, I've become pretty good at it. 

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Random Felines said...

Yep - he is pretty adorable!!!

We agree that the balance can be hard - but we are sure you will be fine! We will send you some Ivy kisses just in case.