Friday, June 10, 2011

Who Needs a "Title" Anyway?

Organizing an adoption event by myself makes me really appreciate our volunteers.  I've got lots of help coming to the adoption event, but PLANNING it, is another story.  There's hours and hours of planning involved.  Lots of emails, phone calls, photocopying and advertising.  Which cats go into what cage?  Did the foster home remember the health records?   Even the small events take a monumental amount of effort. 

After all the work and money I've put into the adoption event tomorrow, I find that the local humane society put out a FULL PAGE AD in the local newspaper and is offering cats over the age of 3 years FREE and kittens are $50.00.  Yes...$50.00 includes the spay/neuter too.  I wonder what it's like to have the kind of money where you can spay/neuter an eight week old kitten and put it up for adoption for 50 bucks.  

Of course, now I hear that we're supposed to have a big storm tomorrow too.


It's ok.  Whatever happens. Happens.  I'll have bad hair.  I'm here for the volunteers who are going to spend their coveted Saturday with me and the cats.  We'll have a good day regardless of the number of adoptions. 

Besides, I might be prejudiced, but we REALLY have some CUTE kittens.  Certainly they're worth TWICE the adoption fee.  Don't you think? 

Twenty kittens are coming tomorrow....Crazy times!  :)


Fuzzy Tales said...

Good luck to you all, Beth! Fingers and paws crossed for a successful adoption day!

hmacross said...

The kitten is the last photo is just gorgeous!
so are the orange ones!
and the tabby
and the other one
and . .

its a wonder I only have 2 cats!

good luck tomorrow

Daniela said...

A gal after my own heart. Good luck, I will keep my paws crossed.


Tina said...

Beth.....either you are one heck of a great photographer or you just have a knack for picking the cutest darn kitties I've ever seen. If I lived near you, I'd foster those cuties in a heartbeat. By the way, good thing I don't live near you or those 3 little ones at the top would be impossible to resist!

Devon said...

Look at all those cute little faces! They're worth every penny! :)

Random Felines said...

We hope you had good luck. We had an event here too and a dog and kitten from another group was adopted and one of our kittens has a family coming back tomorrow with "the mom". :) It can be hard to compete with the big shelters, but I have come to realize that the smaller groups know their animals better....

Caroline said...

OMG those 3 orange at the top are so cute! The poser, the noser and the dork! lol.