Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Visitor

Great news today!  We were able to rescue the two kittens that I posted about yesterday.  The little guy that was hit by a car, and the one that was thrown out of a car - we've lovingly named him "Grease Monkey".
The other guy that was hit by a car is going to be named "Crash".   We don't know what kind of medical care Crash will need, but he's being examined by the vet as I type this.  Poor little guy. 

We had a crazy day yesterday.  I kept hearing what sounded like a small bird *chirp*.  I couldn't find the source of the noise until I walked into the kitchen and found 4 cats surrounding the oven - their noses pressed to the floor.

Never a good thing. 

I shoo'd everybody away and called my son to help me.  We started to dismantle the bottom of the stove.  No, we didn't know what we were doing, but SOMETHING was freakin' chirping under there and was at the mercy of a house full of predators. 

We took a flashlight and laid flat on the floor.  At first, all we could see was a ba-zillion cat toys that had slid under there over the years.  But then we saw *it* when it blinked.  It was a very frightened little chipmunk. 

"Now what?"

My son and I must've looked like something out of the Three Stooges.  We started dumping out Tupperware bowls, and getting soup spoons to try to scoop up the poor thing.  We had a Tupperware bowl fortress set up in the kitchen!!  Looking back, it's hard to believe we actually thought that would work.  Because as soon as we came at that sweet chipmunk with a spoon, it darted out from under the stove with 4 predators fast behind it.

I'm screaming and trying to scruff cats!   My son is screaming and scruffing cats!  Tupperware bowls are flying all over the place as we run after the little thing who promptly finds temporary solace under our family room couch. 

My son and I look at each other, knowing that we're fast losing control of the situation.  If the chipmunk goes into the basement, we're done.  So in a last ditch move, I open the back door to the backyard.  My son takes the soup spoon and taps on top of the sofa to flush the little guy out.  Like magic, the chipmunk bolts!!

I start screaming again and hold up the doormat to the back door and start waving it like a bullfighter.  I cursed the housekeepers as cat hair flew all over the room as I shook the doormat.  The chipmunk stops dead in his tracks in the middle of the family room.  We look at him.  He looks at us.  I wave the cat hair laden rug as the chipmunk scurries politely outside. 

We shut the door and can't believe what we just saw.


Fuzzy Tales said...

OMC, that's hilarious! Okay, not if it was in my house...until after the fact. I have the whole squirrel scene from Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation in my mind now. :-D

Hurrah for the two kittens and we'll keep our paws and fingers crossed for "Crash."

Ecochica said...

hahahahah yes exactly Christmas Vacation!!! Sooo happy for Crash and Grease Monkey!!

Lorelei said...

that was an awesome visual. i'll be laughing all night at the image of tupperware flying. thanks!

yay for crash and Grease Monkey!


Anonymous said...

Grease Monkey may need to renamed Grease Lightning in a few days!
Such a great visual of the chipmunk. My mom had a cat that would catch and stun chipmunks and then bring them into the house and "release" for the sole purpose of the chase!

Anonymous said...

And fun was had by all !!!!!!!!!!

Deb said...

Too funny, Beth. I, too had a chipmunk in the house a few weeks back because someone left the patio door open. The only difference here was that my cats are all so old and lazy that they slept through it.
So happy for the new rescues.

Anonymous said...

Great news about Crash and Grease the names too.
Seriously, another chipmunk? haha. How did this one get in? Cat door? amazingly enough they really don't want to be in there either. Mine climbed the lamp and jumped out the window, amazing and it only lasted about 10 minutes. LOL.

Anonymous said...

LOL OMG !!! I could not stop laughing LOL..that is too funny, you write so well, I could picture the turn of events unfolding LOL

ArtemisiaFSS said...

So glad Crash and Grease Monkey were rescued.

MOL, glad the chipmunk scurried to the great outdoors.

Steve Bartlett said...

You'll have to do it over and post the video on Youtube.

Caroline said...

Lol! Oh Beth, the things you get up to! Your son is always such a good sport about helping out his Mom! Great kitten rescue!

Random Felines said...

Congrats on the kittens. Can't wait for the updates.

And while it might not have been funny at the time, the chipmunk thing is hysterical!!! We had a bird get in the chimney once and that was bad enough....

Cat said...

OMG Beth, I don't usually laugh at your posts...this was a great story and so hilarious!!!

I had a similar situation happen years ago at my parents house with a squirrel sleeping in the fireplace ashes, my dad and the hall carpet used as a tunnel outside. Afterward you can't actually believe that it worked!

Anonymous said...

Why do I read so many stories of kittens being thrown from cars??? -people are truly sick.
Thank you for helping these little ones!