Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, Monday

I was supposed to go to the shelter today, but needed to take care of my own animals first.  My 13 year old dog Maggie had a sore ear, my 7-toed white boy "The Snow Cat" desperately needed help with one of his freaky nails, and my foster baby Sherman had stopped eating due to a nasty cold.

We came home with an armload of antibiotics, 2 ticked off cats and a geriatric dog that seemed happy for the ride. 

Last week was a rough week. Just when I thought I was going to pull my hair out I was lifted up by some wonderful emails and a fundraiser from my friend Kim at Fuzzy Tales.  Isn't it amazing that somebody that I have never met felt inspired to do a fundraiser for our rescue through her own blog!  In celebration of her cat Derry's birthday, she would donate .40 cents for every comment made on her blog that day!  We ended up with enough of a donation to neuter our next incoming rescue.  Thank you so much!!!!

Adoptions were terrific over the weekend and I'm busy trying to put together all my stats for *almost* month end.   My bank balance has taken a bit of a hit this month due to some sick cats, but that's to be expected this time of year.  The more cats you rescue, the more that need to be vetted.

I've decided not to give the crazy protesters any more fuel for their fire.  The emails that have been coming to me since my last post have been very hostile and threatening.  (With the exception of one comment that showed an inkling of professionalism) We all want the best for the animals, but it's sad to see well-meaning people cross the line and make up stories about the shelter where I rescue.   Creating sensationalism hurts everybody and reduces credibility.  Regardless, I hope their dreams come true - for the cats.

Moving on....

I can only rescue one or two cats tomorrow and hate the idea of walking the aisles tomorrow to figure out the best fit for the foster parents and the rescue.  The many adoptions this weekend didn't really create much foster space.  We're out of Petsmart for July and August, so we had to place the kittens that were in the store in the available foster space.  *juggle* *juggle*

Happy Monday....Cheers to a better week! 


Renee said...

Don't forget I can take some out-of-quarantine youngsters to keep Elizabeth Taylor company when Levi Stubbs leaves (or before then... I've got open arms!)

I hope your critters perk up fast!

Fuzzy Tales said...

You're welcome. Payday's Thursday. :-)

Good luck this week, Beth. Fingers and paws crossed for adoptions and rescues and the health of your own fur family!

Devon said...

Rosie is in need of a friend too!

Anonymous said...

No two cats are more worthy than any others and I can't imagine the pressure of having to pick. If it was me, though, I'd be partial to a little black girl named Jessie.

Lory & Co. said...

I tried posting on that blog Friday night but wasn't home and had trouble doing it on my iPhone. But I will say this - my final real estate exam is in 2 weeks and I will contribute a portion of every commission (including my unofficial sale on Saturday, lol) to your rescue!

House of the Discarded said...

Lory: You *rock*!!!! Thank you so much!!! :) :)

Random Felines said...

Focus on the good stuff - it makes it a little easier!! We know you are doing good work...keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth!
You're doing a wonderful job! All I can say is hang in there, and I'm sorry for all the stress & sadness.

How come you're out of petsmart for the summer? (just curious). Maybe there are other pet stores that can take their place (2 months would be a good pilot program?)

And, Renee - your foster names are hysterical!