Monday, June 13, 2011

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Sometimes the only way adopters can get to know a cat or kitten is through a picture and bio.  The picture, the name of the cat and the write up really have to be stellar in order to attract attention to the cat.  I've known adopters that were so certain about adopting a cat just through the picture and write up.  That's how I know I've done a good job.

 To give you an idea, I took this picture of Sherman last week:
He looks cute.  Happy. Relaxed.  Right?  Not a terrible picture, but pretty much "status quo". 

Last night, a foster parent sent me the following picture of "Elizabeth Taylor" her foster kitten:

The picture made me *gasp* - she's so gorgeous!!!   Of the two kittens, don't you think Elizabeth Taylor will get more phone calls?  I'm sure of it!

We all know that each cat or kitten is special.   But I get pictures of cats with their ears back, or in dark shadows, or cowering under a bed.  It's tough to inspire folks to adopt those cats when the picture is bad, and I'm always worried about hurting somebody's feelings by asking for different pictures.

A few years back I received a picture of an adorable foster cat for our website.  In the background was the litterbox.  In the litterbox was a giant uncovered piece of poop dangling off the side of the litterbox!!  No.  I can't use that for the website.  :)  Unless we want to say, "Cat has healthy bowel movements".  Hahahaa!

Good pictures are tough.  Believe me - I'm not making fun of anyone! 

As for today....I went to the shelter and was able to rescue 4 cats.  One little guy came in today with a partially amputated tail.  Poor tail was just dangling there by a thread.  He's going to have surgery tomorrow.  I hope I have the money - I couldn't just leave him there!  He's a 10 week old brown tabby.  Gratefully, he's on pain meds tonight and will have his surgery tomorrow.  I'm sure he'll feel better without that tail.  Yes, I named him "Stubby".  :)

Things are getting busy at the shelter.  It was full and tomorrow will not be a pleasant "vet day" for anyone.  I need more adoptions so I can keep rescuing.  We're getting full too.    


Random Felines said...

I get asked a lot why I pick offbeat names for my fosters - I say "hey - it caught your attention, didn't it?" Hope you get to help the boy you found - btw the way, several of us have tried to avoid using the name "Bob" for these short tailed kitties. There was a big handsome brown tabby brought into our humane society by the agents and one of them named him "Bob". I was like come on, can't we be more original? Then he turned around...and thus it stuck. So, I get the giggles every time I think about it.....

I agree about the pictures though - it is hard to get a cat adopted when they look ticked off! :)

Faith J. said...

Poor Stubby! Please let us know how he does after the surgery!

Fuzzy Tales said...

I send the cat-of-the-week feature (from the Gan. HS) to a local paper every week, and yeah, it's often hard to find a good pic. I don't have access to the shelter, so have to take what they've posted on PetFinder, and if the pic is really lousy I just have to pass. So definitely, a good photo is important.

That said, what caught my eye about my first adoptee, Chumley, was that he was lying like a baby in the shelter volunteer's arms (this was Kingston's shelter, back in spring 2001), all dirty and matted. He had the sweetest teddy bear face and I couldn't understand why no one wanted him, just because he needed a bath and to have his mats shaved.

I actually do have a weak spot for the sick, quiet, scared, gentle, etc.

Fuzzy Tales said...

P.S. We've made a small donation to help a bit with Stubby's surgery.

House of the Discarded said...

Fuzzy Tales: (((HUGS!!!))) That wasn't a little donation! Thank you so much!!!


Anonymous said...

We can call him Levi Stubbs. Singer for the Four Tops - and he'll be the fourth tabby! ;)


Debbie said...

I know exactly what you mean about the picture.
When I changed Fritz's picture he was adopted almost right away and his new Mom said she didn't notice him on the site before!!
A picture is worth a thousand words!

mawiesner said...

I made a small donation to help cover Stubby's medical bills. I hope he does well!

Caroline said...

Elizabeth Taylor does look very glamourous but she may also be more high maintenance, whereas Shermin looks like he just chills and hangs out with his peeps!

Anonymous said...

Can the pictures be edited for things like litter boxes. The background does not even need to be in the picture if the cat looks good. There are a lot of good software for quickly editing a digital picture.