Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dis and Dat

I was trying to figure out something interesting to write about today since today wasn't a rescue day, but more of an administration day.  I went through the rescue's bank account after making a deposit and thinking "Damn, it feels good to make a deposit."  But I suppose everybody feels that way about money regardless if you're a rescue or not. 

David stepped in dog diarrhea in the middle of the night last night.  Poor guy actually slid in it in his barefeet.  I wasn't sure what woke me up, his loud groan, the stench of dog poop, or David hobbling to turn on all the lights in the bedroom with dog diarrhea dripping off the bottom of his foot.  I guess these things are expected with a geriatric 13-14 year old dog.  Poor girl sometimes just can't wake us up in time. 

Speaking of "old girls", I received an email from a local Humane Society with a picture of "Missy":
I put out an urgent plea for 16 year old Missy when she was surrendered to the shelter.  She found a home and the adopters sent out the "happy tail" picture above.  Adopting a 16 year old cat - imagine what a good feeling that would be if we could all do that!

I've been receiving quite a few "urgent" surrender calls.  I don't like taking owner surrenders.  In fact, I rarely ever do.  One guy actually left me a voicemail saying he had a "UNIQUE situation" as he "really loves his two cats, but his girl friend is allergic". I couldn't call him back and speak to him with any sense of compassion, so I didn't.  (call him back, that is)  Really and truly - he said he had a "unique situation".  I wish I could be more compassionate over situations like this, but I always end up sounding bitchy. 

If you haven't figured it out by now, I have absolutely no rhyme or reason to this blog post today.  However, I've found that as soon as I push "publish" something will come up where I wish I had posted about THAT. 

Certainly talking about dog diarrhea may have hit the bottom of the blog barrel for topics. 


Robyn :) said...

If my husband was allergic to my cat I would make him take pills!! That is a really crappy excuse to surrender.

Our cat doesn't poop all over, but he vomits sometimes and we have accidentally stepped in it. YUCK. So I understand about your dog :)

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Really, he thing the allergy excuse is 'unique'? Unless I actually see someones eyes puff up and their breathing become labored I don't buy it. Mr, they make Claratin just for this occasion. Really, that is one of the lamest excuses to get rid of family members ever. I wonder how he's going to feel in six months when he's gotten rid of the cats and the girlfriend decides she doesn't really like him all that much.

Elizabeth said...

My boyfriend is pretty allergic to my cat. You know what he does? Pops an allegra and tries not to touch her which she is fine with because she thinks he smells funny and won't go near him. (seriously the first time she met him she sniffed him made a disgusted face and walked away!!) . Allergies are a horrible excuse to get rid of a pet.

Caroline said...

I thought of you and David last night when I was watching a documentary on professional bridge players. It was about 2 young guys that quit school to play bridge. I looked for David in the film but didn't see him! lol I didn't know it could be so competitive or lucrative! If David could get a sponsor he could support your rescue!

House of Mystery said...

Just saw a vid the ASPCA is using.. The title is "Who saved who". There's a whole lot of levels to that question. As to the "My girlfriend has allergies. Uhh.. They make medication for that. Why is it so hard for some people to get it thru the brick they call a brain that when you adopt any animal, its you taking responsibility for a life.

selkie said...

I'm a horrible mum- don't tell the CAS. When my first was born, my cats were, respectively 9 and 11 years old. By the time my youngest came along (no. 4), Rags was 17 and Pippin was 15. Both she and Daughter 2 had asthma triggered by certain things - according to my peditatrian cats being one of them. So, what did I do with my old cats who I had longer than my kids? counselled my KIDS to LIE LOL - tell Dr. Braudo we got RID of teh cats or they'll make us KILL them.... and got rid of ALL carpets, curtains, bought a cheap leather couch (easier to clean) and made their rooms off limits (which never worked with kealin, as Rags who HATED the other kids, fell in love and never left her side until she died at 21. Kealin walked around as a toddler with Rags drapeda round her shoulders like a ratty old stole - Rags slept in her crib and crawled into her carriage with her ... Kealin is 18 now and still cries if we bring up Rags' name..

GD said...

@Selkie - I think you are my hero! :)

My motto: Love me...love my cats. They were there first. Boyfriends come and go. Cats don't! :) Plus, they are w-a-y cuter!