Friday, May 20, 2011

Soup Girl and My First Fan

A few weeks ago a little tabby girl came into the shelter with a soup can stuck on her head.  I remember begging the staff at the shelter, "Don't let anything happen to her!!!"  Kim named her "Campbell" on the site. Since she came into the shelter, the staff fell in love with her.  When she became sick they gave her fluids, medications and loved her.  I waited while the city paid for her medical care.  Nobody wanted to euthanize her - she came so far from her soup can days. 

Today was the day we rescued "Campbell".  Although I have to admit, I feel like naming her "Soup Girl"... certainly that name alone would force folks to read what happened to her.  Part of me wants to know what kind of soup was on her head.  I'm a bit dramatic so I thought she must've been really starving to eat from a soup can.  But then I thought, "Hell, my own well-fed cats would've done the same thing if the situation presented itself." 

Another volunteer did the rescue for me, and I can hardly wait to see her!  My little Soup Girl!

As the long holiday weekend (in Canada) begins,  I'm happy to announce that I have my first fan:
This is Sophie and the picture was sent to me by her Mom.  She looks quite pleased with herself laying across the laptop.

Adoptions have been slow the past few days as people prepare to go out of town for the weekend.  I'm hoping they pick up again after everybody's back from Cottage Country.  In the meantime, since David is gone for a week, I'm going to camp out at Petsmart and see if I can rally some good quality adoptions. 

Happy Friday!!


Deb said...

Good luck with that. Maybe you should dress in a cat suit. That would get some attention. ;-) Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Random Felines said...

We have to admit, at least one cat here would have stuck their head in the soup can....sometimes it is all about the curiousity!! Can't wait to meet the new girl.... and good luck with adoptions!

Caroline said...

I definitely agree with Deb, at least wear some cat ears! FYI I have a male, FIV +, 1 yr old holy terror kitten looking for a good home. He's driving me nuts would be great for an active family!

Caroline said...

Sorry, forgot to add that he is a foster cat, not my own. He's a charmer and an early morning sort of guy, no alarm clock required if you want to get up at 6am!