Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday...Oh Yes...Friday!

My exhaustion level has been so high lately. Must be kitten season.  I've forgotten all about my 30 minute power naps in the afternoon - there never seems to be enough time.  I miss those power naps SO much! 

I picked up 4 tiny kittens from another rescue this morning.  Poor little guys had been put in a garbage bag and dumped in a dumpster.  How could someone do such a thing? 

By the time the time the afternoon sun hit the highway, I had 9 kittens meowing in the car.  There was more picking up and more dropping off.  Somewhere in my day I managed to vacuum the Spring "tumbleweeds" of hair floating through my house. 

But look at this SWEET little girl that I rescued today:
She looks like a big girl, but I think she's about 12-13 weeks old.  She's adorable and made my busy day worthwhile. 
But the HUGE HUGE news is:  My Squirrel-Killing-Animal-Hating Neighbours are MOVING! I came home this afternoon and they have a real estate SOLD sign in their front yard. Holy crap...I didn't know their house was for sale! If you've never read about these people, please click on the link above.  

Let's hope that the new people that move in are better.  I don't think they could be much worse.

My day of meeting with foster parents isn't over.  I have two kittens in my washroom and am meeting another foster family at 9:30 tonight. 

I'm pooped.  I'm really pooped.  The next cat that barfs on my clean floors is REALLY gonna get it. :)


Anonymous said...

Yay! That little girl is adorable - like my SweetPea!

Congrats about the neighbors. At least the buyers saw your cat enclosure and can't complain about it after the fact.

And you deserve a Scooba. Give yourself a present!


Anonymous said...

Even though I don't 'do' girl cats (in my frat house, their lives would be a misery... Malley is a social moron, Bertie is too desperate to be friends and Batman would just tease the life out of them), she is *very* cute :-)

The dumpster kitten story is just awful. I mean, even if you hate cats, surely they are still living beings and should be treated with respect, right? So glad they were rescued!

Also, wey-hey!!!! for the crappy neighbours finally moving! That is excellent news! I hope, hope, hope you get animal loving neighbours who want to foster a bazillion cats for you! :-)


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Sure, you're going to "give it" to the next cat that barfs...That little girl is really sweet. That face is just precious.~Donna

Steve Bartlett said...

The "dumpster divers" have ended up at my house. They're amazing! First look at two big dogs (and one little one) and the kittens were climbing over them -- not even a hint of fear. They started out as "finicky" eaters, but that's over with -- they're scarfing down kitten food like there's no tomorrow. They seem quite healthy, and they're incredibly friendly. They'll have no problem finding homes when they're old enough.

Random Felines said...

snicker...what goods news!!! We got our paws crossed the new neighbors are animal lovers (maybe you can convert them to a foster family!!). Good luck with the new kittens....

Anonymous said...

Hooray! The nasty neighbours are leaving, soon I hope! The next ones can't help but be an improvement, here's hoping they are "cat people".